Ethics & compliance

Eric Vallat

Chief Executive Officer

« Our culture of excellence depends on our ability to apply the highest ethical standards, from the design of our products to their ultimate sale »


The Rémy Cointreau Group has developed 300 years of know-how along with its core family values of “Terroir, People and Time.“ The Rémy Cointreau Group’s ethical approach naturally derives from this centuries-long heritage.

Combatting bribery and influence peddling is a major goal of Rémy Cointreau. To that end, the Group applies a zero-tolerance policy on bribery.

This commitment is driven by the Group’s management which operates under the governing principles formalized in the Rémy Cointreau Compliance Program, including, in particular:

  • The Rémy Cointreau Code of Conduct
  • Internal Policies and Processes (e.g ., Gifts & Hospitality Policy, Conflict of interest prevention Policy…)
  • An Employee Training Program
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Whistleblowing System


The Code of Conduct serves as a reference point and guide to help employees conduct day-to-day work.

The Code clarifies the type of conduct that constitutes corruption and influence peddling while providing rules applicable to all employees.

This Code is part of the internal rules of each Group entity and, therefore, applies to all Rémy Cointreau Group employees, including corporate officers, in any territory where we conduct business.

External members working for the Group —such as suppliers, subcontractors, partners, service providers, and customers— are also required to comply with these or similar rules.

Ethics Line

Do you want to raise any concern about an ethical question or launch an alert by reporting any violations, breaches or dangers that you may be aware of?

Contact us via the Rémy Cointreau Ethics Line