Sustainable Exception

Our responsibility, from generation to generation

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Eric Vallat

CEO of the Group

Our transformation plan “Sustainable Exception” is an ambitious one, and we have put the resources in place to support it: a clear vision, CSR governance at every level of the Group and 80 million euros over 10 years.
It is based in particular on the conversion to agro-ecology for all our terroirs, the use of renewable energies for our production sites, raising awareness and training our employees in the challenges of sustainability and responsible consumption, eco-design of packaging and the launch of pilot projects exploring the circularity of glass.

“We are part of an ecosystem in which everyone has a responsibility to take account of environmental impacts at every stage in the life of our products. From our partner farmers to the consumers of our bottles, not forgetting our glassmakers, transporters and distributors, we want to be a driving force in involving all our stakeholders in this exciting and necessary transition towards greater sobriety and responsibility.”

Our Raison d'Être

Rémy Cointreau takes care of the land essential to its Houses and develops the expertise of the men and women in the Group, in order to offer its customers exceptional spirits and sensory experiences. By enhancing its heritage in this way, the family business is writing the future and proudly passing on this centuries-old heritage to future generations.

Our Manifesto

At Rémy Cointreau, our story is one of transmission. For the last 300 years, we have embraced our role as guardians, passing our know-how, terroirs and vision on to the next generation.

Our family company has been planning our next century, for centuries. For this reason, sustainability is not a concept for us. It is rooted in existential and daily actions.

Rémy Cointreau, built on generations, for generations.

Because climate change impacts the very existence of our terroirs
We commit with winemakers and farmers to deploy agroecological farming practices that not only increase soil resilience, but make a positive climate and biodiversity impact.

Because together, making a difference is possible.
Rémy Cointreau is a company, for sure. But more importantly, we are a united and inclusive community of women and men. All of us are driven by the desire to commit together as employees, but also to stand as unwavering partners: from our agricultural suppliers to our bartenders.

Because positive change needs time.
Only by embracing the true pace of nature can we bring life to the most iconic spirits, while safeguarding resources and passing on our know-know to the future generation, in all its integrity.

At Rémy Cointreau, we believe that making exceptional wines and spirits means setting example, with sincerity and transparency, from more responsible environmental practices all the way to responsible consumption. To pass on and to lead the way.

Rémy Cointreau – This is what The Sustainable Exception is all about.

Roadmap 2030

Notre Feuille de Route 2030

Preserve our terroirs

Our exceptional wines and spirits are rooted in the soil of our terroirs. That's why we're committed, along with our winegrower and farmer partners, to deploying agro-ecological practices that meet the challenges of climate change, so that we can play our part in building soil resilience and protecting biodiversity.

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Act for our people and our communities

At Rémy Cointreau, environmental transition goes hand in hand with human and social ambition. We are a community of men and women, united by the values of respect and excellence. Together, with our employees, partners, farmers and bartenders, we are working to find concrete, sustainable solutions to accelerate our transition.

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Commit through time

By respecting the unchanging rhythm of nature, we are able to create unique and iconic spirits while preserving resources and reducing our impacts

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Our CSR reporting and charters

Corporate social responsibility: reporting, charters, ratings and awards.
Since formalising its CSR department in 2003, the Group has been convinced that it needs to be able to measure in order to manage and improve. To this end, it has set itself ambitious quantifiable targets, which are assessed each year and detailed in its reporting documents.
The Group also formalises its CSR strategy through various policies and charters, which you can find in this section.

CSR reporting, charters, ratings and awards

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