Our values

Terroir, people and time

What is it that links our Houses so closely together?

A love of our terroirs and the mastery of time that have always been at the heart of our expertise. It is up to each and every one of us to bring this link to life, connecting land, people and time.


There is a link between ...

Scotland / the Islay barley fields
Angers / oranges
Cognac / the Grande Champagne vines

. . . the ancient Grande Champagne vineyards of Cognac, the sugar cane of our Oxford Plantation in Barbados, the sun-ripened vineyards of Samos in Greece, and the golden barley of the French Alps, the Pacific Northwest in the United States and Islay in Scotland. In these places, we choose the best that nature has to give.

Scotland / the Islay barley fields


There is a link between ...

Allen Smith / Mount Gay
Adam Hannett / Bruichladdich
Baptiste Loiseau / Rémy Martin

. . . Carole Quinton, Cécile Roudaut, Adam Hannett, Matthew Hofmann, Baptiste Loiseau, Constantinos Raptis, Frédéric Revol and Allen Smith. They are the creative souls of our brands. They cultivate a unique and mysterious expertise that is passed from generation to generation. Savoir-faire and creative enthusiasm are what drives every team member. In every aspect of our business, on every continent, we are proud to be ambassadors for this unique state of mind. As the Maison Rémy Martin puts it so aptly: It takes a century and four generations of cellar masters to create a carafe of LOUIS XIII. 

Allen Smith / Mount Gay


There is a link between ...

Cognac / Louis XIII
Scotland / The Botanist Distillery
Greece / the Metaxa Cellars

. . . Our Houses, which have been defying time since they first came into being. Mount Gay in 1703, Rémy Martin in 1724, Cointreau in 1849, Bruichladdich in 1881, Metaxa in 1888. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, we strive to respectfully nourish the eternal youth of our Houses. In the cellar at Grollet in Cognac, the cellars of St. Lucy in Barbados, those of Bruichladdich on Islay, of Kifissia in Greece, of Seattle in the United States, or Saint-Jean-d’Hérans in France, we allow time to take its time. 5 years, 10 years, 100 years… Time passes peacefully in our cellars. We are in no hurry. We are proud of taking our time. As put so aptly in Mount Gay: It’s ready when it’s ready, never before… 



There is a link between ...

mountgay xo
Mount Gay / XO
octomore virgin oak
Octomore / Virgin Oak
louis XIII rare cask

. . . LOUIS XIII, Rémy Martin XO, Mount Gay XO, Octomore, Cointreau, The Botanist, Angel’s Treasure, St Rémy XO, Garryana, Moissons. Their exceptional characteristics awaken our senses. They are the result of a rigorous selection of ingredients from the best terroirs transformed by time and the expertise of inspired men and women. These are exceptional products for exceptional moments.

mountgay xo
Mount Gay / XO