Westland releases ultra rare single bottles to support hospitality workers

31 March 2021

“This special collection of whiskeys is tailor made for shrewd investors who recognize that whiskey today is far more valuable when left in the bottle to appreciate, rather than be wasted by being poured into a glass. It breaks my heart to see rare whiskeys opened and enjoyed, thereby cratering its value. For those searching to grow their wealth and stature, there is no better investment than whiskey. With prices being paid for whiskey at auction these days hitting record highs, we’d be fools not to get in on the game. We’re not fools. We’re tycoons. Why else would one want to be in the whiskey business?”

But what’s gotten into Matt Hofmann, the co-founder of our American whisky brand? Do not worry, these bold statements are part of Westland April Fool’s auction organized in support of hospitality workers. In spite of this funny satire, the bottles and the auction are real: Westland has released The Inheritance, a selection of ultra rare single bottles that are each a one-of-a-kind expression. These will be auctioned in partnership with Big Table, a non-profit supporting restaurant and hospitality workers who have been strongly impacted by the pandemic in the US. The auction took place on April 1, 2021: we raised a whopping $12,500 for Big Table with the 20 bottles that were sold at auction.

The Rémy Cointreau Group is very proud of the spontaneous initiatives that every brand of its portfolio has initiated, in their own way.