Authenticity, avant-garde, elegance.

Since its creation in 1849, the Cointreau House expresses the same playfulness, driven by the creative impulse that gave it life. Balance, moments, pleasure, style… even in its creation.

The clear liqueur recipe has retained its original authenticity since its creation. Its character and excellence lie in the rigorous selection and assembly of the sweet and bitter orange peel essences, a meticulous task entrusted to Maison Cointreau’s Head Distiller.

Cointreau is the world’s leading premium orange liqueur and enjoys a longstanding presence across the five continents. Its superior quality makes it a favorite amongst bartenders and has earned it a place in the most respected bars around the world.



Carole Quinton

Carole Quinton

Master Distiller2016 — today

Raw material selection, formulation, distillation, sensory analysis, quality control, communication... Carole Quinton's missions are multiple. As Master Distiller, she is the sixth generation to vouch for Cointreau’s inimitable flavor. Since spring 2016, she ensures the transmission and enrichment of Cointreau's precious know-how. From the selection of the ingredients to the blending, from distillation to finished product, she watches over each production stage of the precious orange liqueur.


  • 1849

    Adolphe Cointreau, a confectionner and liqueur maker, founds the House of Cointreau. He is joined by his brother, Edouard-Jean, in 1856.

  • 1875

    Edouard Cointreau joins the family firm where he will create Cointreau l’Unique recipe.

  • 1885

    The House of Cointreau registers the patent for its distinctive bottle before the commercial court of Angers.

  • 1889

    Edouard Cointreau sets up a still at the World’s Fair in Paris. The House is awarded a bronze medal for the quality of its liqueur.

  • 1898

    An operator for the Lumière brothers makes the House of Cointreau’s first-ever advertising film.

  • 1913

    Cointreau liqueur is featured for the first time in two important books on cocktails : "Der Mixologist", by Carl A. Seutter, and "Lexikon des Getränke".

  • 1929

    Louisa Motais (Edouard’s spouse) is awarded the French Legion of Honour in the rank of Chevalier for her role as president of the Anjou Committee of the Union des femmes de France.

  • 1948

    After the White Lady in 1919 and the Sidecar in 1922, the Original Margarita was created by the American Margaret Sames in Acapulco.

  • 1988

    The New Yorker Toby Cecchini creates the instantly famous Cosmopolitan, in Manhattan.

  • 1989

    Cointreau and Rémy Martin merge to form the Rémy Cointreau Group, whose corporate name was coined in 1991.

  • 2016

    Carole Quinton takes over from Bernadette Langlais as Master Distiller for the House of Cointreau. Two women have succeeded four generations of men in the role.

  • 2018

    Cointreau launches abroad its new communication platform entitled "The Art of the Mix" and in France its "Cointreau, L'art du Cocktail" campaign.

  • 2019

    Still driven by the innovative and creative spirit that built its reputation, the House of Cointreau celebrates its 170th anniversary.

  • 2020

    After 2 years of reflection and production, the completely renovated tour of the Cointreau Distillery reopens its doors in St-Barthélémy d'Anjou. Three tour options are available, as well as dedicated services for companies (afterwork, special tours, seminars...).

  • 2022

    Cointreau unveils new bottle, made of two-thirds recycled glass. On the aesthetic side, the new Cointreau L’Unique bottle underlines the product at the heart of the liqueur, the orange, illustrated on the bottle for the first time. Also, Cointreau’s original distillery, depicted both on the label and in the engraving, a tribute to Cointreau’s roots. But the bottle sees ergonomic enhancements too: the shape has been lengthened for ease of pouring without increasing its weight, a major technical challenge. The new bottle also features a QR code for the first time, which grants instant access to a dedicated online experience, the go-to source nearly 400 drink recipes and cocktail tips.