100% French from grapes to bottle

Created in 1886, St-Rémy is the world’s number-one French brandy. St-Rémy is bottled in the Loire Valley and shipped around the world! 

An exact selection process

The creation begins with the selection of red and white grapes, harvested exclusively in France’s finest wine-growing regions, such as Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhône, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Beaujolais. Round, subtle and well-balanced, its character expresses the elegant diversity of the wine regions of France – the famous French terroir. The unique features of each of these French regions are brought to life in the eaux-de-vie, thereby guaranteeing the character and elegance, also known as the “smoothness” of St-Rémy.

Traditional distillation

Distillation solely takes place in a continuous copper column. The French wines is heated until it turns into eaux-de-vie, a stage during which its unique flavours are revealed. 

The ageing process and the art of blending

St-Rémy eaux-de-vie are aged in small French Oak barrels, and, as time passes, acquire their amber colour, their body and roundness, their fruity and floral accents and light spicy notesIt is a genuine blend of French traditions, distilled and aged until just the right moment. The Master Blender then demonstrates all her expertise in blending them, selecting the right eaux-de-vie, capturing their unique, mellow and well-rounded aromas.



Cécile Roudaut / Master Blender

Cécile Roudaut

Master Blender2016 - today

The dynamic Master Blender of St-Rémy was born in the bountiful Loire Valley. She still upholds the values of small-town living, with a house surrounded by vineyards that was formerly a post office.

In the summer of 1997, Cécile joined Rémy Cointreau. Nearly two decades later, having helped with the creation of limited editions of St-Rémy, she was appointed Master Blender by her retiring predecessor Martine Pain.

Cécile Roudaut defines her role as Master Blender as follows: “I work on selecting eaux-de-vies and nurturing them as they mature in Limousin oak barrels. I then evaluate them and create blends that will ultimately become St-Rémy.” Cécile is aware of the expectations of her work. “St-Rémy is an elegant brandy combining tradition, history and a unique smoothness. I see it as my role to ensure our brandy retains its authenticity and may be enjoyed by consumers from around age 30 to heaven!”

Master Blender Cécile Roudaut’s expertise in maturing St-Rémy brandy in various types of casks is highlighted in the St-Rémy Cask Finish Collection. This collection is true to St-Rémy’s heritage of distilling, aging and crafting elegant French grape brandies since 1886. This first expression released in 2018, “Finished in French Chardonnay Casks,” released as a limited edition of only 9,360 bottles, includes a maturation stage in French oak casks that previously held Chardonnay wines.


  • 1886

    The distillery is established in Machecoul.

    Following the phylloxera outbreak which damaged the Charente vineyards, Paul-Emile Rémy Martin II selected Machecoul, where the “Gros Plant” grapes were similar to “Folle Blanche,” and set up a distillery to produce high-quality brandy.

  • 1917

    Creation of "Fine St-Rémy"

    The original 1917 recipe accounts for the essence of this unique and authentic French brandy.

  • 1949

    Creation of the unique St-Rémy bottle

    St-Rémy has always been a pioneer in the brandy world. It was the first brand to sell its products in an unusual black bottle..

  • 1972

    St-Rémy is exported

    St-Rémy is exported to 80 countries.

  • 1980

    St-Rémy Napoléon VSOP

    St-Rémy launches St-Rémy "Napoléon" VSOP.

  • 1990

    St-Rémy XO

    Martine Pain, Cellar Master at St-Rémy, creates St-Rémy XO.

  • 2012

    St-Rémy Réserve Privée

    Martine Pain creates St-Rémy Réserve Privée, the brand's first high-end limited edition.

  • 2014

    St-Rémy Small Batch Reserve

    St-Rémy Small Batch Reserve is launched with a limited release.

  • 2016

    Martine Pain retires after 35 years at the service of the House

    Cécile Roudaut takes the helm, after having brilliantly helped with the creation of limited editions of St-Rémy.

  • 2017

    Inspired by its history and its roots

    St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, updates its range’s packaging. New look, same liquids!