The Hautes Glaces

In the heart of the French Alps, between the cliffs of Vercors and the peaks of Écrins National Park, in this “haut pays” surrounded by the Trièves mountains, sits the world’s oldest organic whisky farm & distillery: Les Hautes Glaces.

It is above all about a return to the land. Les Hautes Glaces was born out of a sense that something had been lost and needed to be restored – while grain is undoubtedly the starting point for this exceptional spirit, the whisky industry seems to be so focused on the optimisation of its production processes that it has lost sight of its agricultural roots and forgotten its connection with the land. It is Frédric, founder and CEO of Les Hautes Glaces, believe that therein lies the magic of spirits (literally “purveyors of a spirit”): they have the power to convey the genius of the place, to elevate the humble grain, and, as a result of our senses and emotions, to give us a direct and intimate path to reconnect with the natural world.

That was the background to the creation of Les Hautes Glaces in 2009. With a desire to explore the sensitivity of our terroir to the changing seasons and aware of pursuing unexplored paths, we reinterpret skills and adopt new practices from field to bottle in order to create whisky that showcases the very essence of a rich and vibrant land.

Based on four elements – grain, water, yeast and energy – The Hautes Glaces wants their spirits to transport us to the centre of a vast landscape and to the very heart of the environmental and social challenges we must face.

Here, the ecological approach and the pursuit of flavour are one and the same: to make the finest whiskys with the fewest resources possible.



Frédéric Revol

Founder2009 — today

It’s the story of Frédéric Revol, a young agronomist who, in the early 2000s, decided to leave the city for a life in the mountains to become a farmer, driven by his fascination for whisky, this barrel-aged eau de vie created from grains, and by a clear creative intent.
At the origin of Domaine des Hautes Glaces, there is the intention of a man who wishes to reconcile nature and culture, an agricultural engineer specializing in the management of living organisms, who sets out to create whisky of excellence that promotes soil fertility and minimizes our carbon footprint. An epicurean, a lover of tastes and flavors, who is betting that by reconnecting with their ecosystem, their terroir, these spirits will develop their own unique character, offering new tastes and pleasures.


  • 2009

    Creation of Domaine des Hautes Glaces, the first organic whisky farm & distillery. First barley crops in the “Les Gabert” plot.

  • 2011

    100% rye distillates, the first in Europe, flow from Les Hautes Glaces stills.

  • 2012

    Winner of “Best Innovation of the Year” at the Cocktails Spirits Trade Show.

  • 2013

    Widening of the field of possibilities - 100% spelt and 100% einkorn distillates are put into casks.
    In terms of cooperage, exploration of French wine heritage – ageing of whisky in barrels formerly used for great wines (Vin Jaune, Condrieu, Hermitage, etc.).

  • 2014

    First 100% indigenous and natural fermentations. First bottling of vintage whisky from specific plots.

  • 2015

    The amphora, a thousand-year-old Mediterranean container, takes pride of place in the Hautes Glaces cellar.

  • 2017

    Joins Rémy Cointreau Group. A step that strengthens Les Hautes Glaces’ commitment to its proposition – local sourcing, organic production, prioritising time.

  • 2019

    Launch of the “Nursery” project – the Farm becomes involved in increasing the use of and selecting forgotten or wild varieties to adapt to climate challenges and further our quest for flavour.

  • 2020

    Relocation of the distillery to the “Andrieu” plot in Cornillon-en-Trièves.
    Creation of Graines des Cimes - the farm-distillery becomes an agroecological micro-network and contributes to the vitality and resilience of the area.

  • 2022

    Addition of a new malthouse at the Cornillon site.
    Les Hautes Glaces is awarded the Grand Prix de la Revue du Vin de France, joining the exclusive club of leading French spirits houses (Bache Gabrielsen, Chartreuse, Christian Drouin, Château de Laubade, Distillerie Métté, Bologne).

  • 2023

    Further transformation: Les Hautes Glaces reiterates its commitments through a new bottle with an understated and innovative design.