Westland is the Global Campaign Innovator of the Year (Whisky Magazine)

2 April 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Westland has been recognized as Global Campaign Innovator of the Year by Whisky Magazine at their annual World Whiskies Awards. After taking home the prize in America earlier this year for the launch of the Outpost Range, Westland beat out winners from the rest of the world to take home the coveted global prize.

We find ourselves at the edge of a new frontier, but the edge is not the end of what we know, it is just the beginning of what we have yet to explore. The Outpost Range, rooted in true provenance, explores the unknown possibilities left to be pursued in single malt.” – Westland

The Rémy Cointreau Group joins the Westland team in rejoicing at this award. The ambitious Outpost Range campaign is a true celebration of Terroir, one of our core corporate values, celebrating our whiskey’s Pacific Northwest Provenance that has a deep impact on our spirit.

Find out more on the Outpost Range here.