We Care Day Angers

5 September 2018

Congratulations and thank you to the 154 of our Angers team members who divided into groups (St-Barthélémy d’Anjou / Île Ste-Aubin / Ste-Gemme-sur-Loire) to give back to the community on We Care Day.

Video in French by St-Barth TV

47 of our team members participated in a series of terroir-focused community actions: cleaning the La Jaudette district, de-weeding La Reux district, and installing a fence for sheep (to care for the animals and enhance their habitat).

Simultaneously, 107 more team members participated in different community-oriented activities, such as: 

  • Cleaning local parks and trails
  • Assembling “Biodiversity Day” stands
  • Conducting landscaping and land development workshops

“We want to be a social actor in the community,” shares Jean-Denis Voin, CEO of our Liqueurs & Spirits Division, who was “happy to lend a hand to the gardeners and meet the local team.” 

Where our team was also featured:

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