The LOUIS XIII store

The 2016 October 28

On September 20, 2016, LOUIS XIII broke new ground in the spirits industry with the launch of its first boutique in the Beijing SKP, a large upscale shopping mall in the Chinese capital. A grand evening event was put on for the opening of the store, which covers 1,399 square feet. Designed by famous interior architecture firm RDAI, it offers a unique experience to customers, inviting them to discover and taste LOUIS XIII.

This opens a new chapter in the house's story. This world first underlines LOUIS XIII's ambition: to be a benchmark far beyond the wines and spirits industry. The brand is establishing itself as a luxury player in its own right, introducing its customers to a real art de vivre.

The vision

"By opening a store, we can offer an incomparable customer experience. Our customers are knowledgeable connoisseurs or enthusiasts with an appreciation for exceptional quality craft work steeped in history. They are looking for more than just a product; they want an experience. With this unique positioning, LOUIS XIII can change the rules of the game in the spirits industry. This is also a chance for LOUIS XIII to speak directly to its customers and give them even greater importance."


The experience

"Symbolic of French art de vivre and excellence, LOUIS XIII stands out in the spirits industry. Each decanter is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters.  The brand is looking to develop an unparalleled customer experience with a focus on all these key points. With this in mind, it has launched international projects including L’Odyssée d’un Roi in partnership with Hermès, Saint-Louis and Puiforcat, and 100 Years, The Movie You Will Never See, a cinematic production with John Malkovich which will premiere in 100 years time. With the opening of the store and the roll-out of more complex and personalized customer experiences, LOUIS XIII is looking to the future."


The concept

The brand called on RDAI to devise this spectacular journey into history and the legend of cognac. This interior architecture and design firm is known for its impressive work on the Hermès and Elie Saab Paris stores.

The entire boutique was inspired by the expertise, craft work and blends that go into LOUIS XIII cognac. With skillful combinations of symbolic materials, artistic lighting, traditional pieces and digital technology, the 1,399 square feet of the store mirror the many facets of the LOUIS XIII experience.

As they enter the store, customers discover a haven of peace and relaxation perfect for a cognac tasting and sophisticated food pairings. The immersion in the LOUIS XIII world continues with an exploration of the full decanter collection, accessories and limited editions, not to mention the limited editions only available in store. At the back of the store, the Eternity Room is the backdrop to private tastings and exclusive events.

The decor becomes the ultimate in refinement as the customer moves deeper into the store. This development mimics that of LOUIS XIII cognac which is perfected during the aging process and the blending of the eaux-de-vie. Reminiscent of the chalky soil of the Grande Champagne terroir, the limestone rock used for the ground and walls presents various finishes—softened, glazed and polished—to mimic the subtle evolution of this natural element under the light. The copper alludes to the stills used to distill the eaux-de-vie while the oak evokes the hundred-year-old Limousin casks known as 'tierçons' which are used to age the cognacs. Finally, the glass bricks recall the decanters and the glasses from which the cognac is tasted.

All the permanent and limited editions are on show in the display cases with lighting specially devised by OZONE for LOUIS XIII. They also encase old decanters and exclusive editions available in-store only. A series of images presents the events, people and places involved in the creation of LOUIS XIII. Tucked away at the back of the store, the Eternity Room draws customers in with the intriguing crystal medallion stamped with royal insignia the fleur-de-lis, which reigns at the center of the stunning Century Wheel.

The Eternity Room is the grand finale of the LOUIS XIII experience

The cozy space is reserved for private tastings and meetings with personalities from around the world. The design evokes the interior of a historic house in the Cognac region. The oak moldings combine to perfection with the crystal decanters and the furniture's lacquered finishes. The brand ambassador leads proceedings as the private room and its antique furniture take visitors on a journey through time. The Eternity Room has everything on-hand for exclusive tastings of LOUIS XIII in a sophisticated ambiance with key pieces in LOUIS XIII history on show. The walls are covered in portraits and memories, brought to life by cutting edge digital technology, as a subtle and innovative way to share history.

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