LOUIS XIII La Boutique

20 September 2016

On September 20, 2016, LOUIS XIII blazes a bold new trail in the world of spirits with the opening of the world’s first ever LOUIS XIII boutique. Launched with a private and exclusive preview with selected guests at Beijing SKP, the prime luxury shopping mall in the Chinese capital, the stylish spaces designed by world-renowned French architecture and design firm RDAI cover 130 square metres and invite clients to experience, feel and sample the legend that is LOUIS XIII.

This is an exciting new departure for the venerable cognac, a first that goes down in history. With it, LOUIS XIII reaches far beyond the sector of wines and spirits and asserts its credentials as a true luxury brand in its own right, an icon, an experience, a French art-de-vivre.

The vision

"A boutique allows us to offer our clients the ultimate retail experience. Whether they are connoisseurs or sensitive to craftsmanship and exception, quality and history, our clients are not merely looking for a product. They want to experience the brand. Wine and spirits brands are not retailers, but we believe that LOUIS XIII, with its unique positioning, has the ability to change the rules of the game in our industry, to resonate beyond cognacs and dialogue directly with its valued clients."


The experience

"LOUIS XIII is an exception in the world of spirits, an icon of French art-de-vivre and excellence that takes generations of cellar masters to craft. The LOUIS XIII blend is an intricate alchemy of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie. With these key factors in mind, LOUIS XIII focuses on offering the ultimate experience and has launched projects with a global resonance, such as L’Odyssée d’un Roi, in association with Hermès, Saint-Louis and Puiforcat, or 100 Years, The Movie You Will Never See, starring John Malkovich – a creative cinematographic project that will only be seen in 100 years time. By creating our own boutique and offering more profound client experiences with tailored services, LOUIS XIII is furthering this vision and crafting the future."


The concept

To immerse clients in a fabulous new journey into its history and legend, LOUIS XIII called upon RDAI, the high-end architecture and design firm renowned for its seminal flagships for Hermès and Elie Saab.

Taking inspiration from the know-how, craftsmanship and assemblage that are essential to LOUIS XIII, the different spaces arranged over 130 square metres blend symbolic materials, artistic lighting, traditional heritage and digital innovation to evoke the multiple facets of the LOUIS XIII experience.

LOUIS XIII LA BOUTIQUE welcomes visitors to a haven of rest and relaxation in which to savour the timeless blend with a selection of food pairings, then takes them deeper into the legend, offering an initiation into the complete collection of LOUIS XIII decanters, accessories and limited editions, alongside special editions exclusive to the boutique. To delve even further into the experience, the Eternity Room proposes an intimate sanctuary at the rear of the boutique reserved for personal tastings and special events.

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