Rémy Martin pays tribute to winegrowers with cognac L’Étape

14 December 2021

A celebration of our terroir and of the people who take great care of it: we are proud to unveil Rémy Martin’s new limited edition, L’Étape.

19 winegrowers, working alongside Rémy Martin vineyards, have contributed to the creation of “L’Étape”. This unique blend is an exceptional cognac Fine Champagne that reflects the personality of all its creators: people who are deeply committed to sustainable agriculture. For them, the Grande and Petite Champagne terroir is of the highest importance: the vine, the cycle of the seasons, the climate, the environment, and the way this ecosystem is preserved for future generations. These 19 winegrowers brought enthusiasm, passion and above all humility to this creation, which was then blended by the Cellar Master of the House of Rémy Martin, Baptiste Loiseau.


Rémy Martin L’Étape embodies the ongoing commitment of the House and its partners, the effort, step by step, to constantly improve its practices. Read the whole story and meet the winegrowers here.