Rémy Cointreau teams mobilize around the world

24 March 2020

Solidarity actions against Coronavirus

Loyal to its values and signature – Terroir, People and Time – the Rémy Cointreau Group has been mobilizing, for several weeks now, to support health organizations in their fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic. Around the world, our teams are spontaneously committing to implement solidarity actions, focusing mainly on the delivery of alcohol and masks, but also by supporting their communities, in particular our bartender colleagues.

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In China, the group donated 1 million yuan to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling foundation for the purchase of protective medical equipment in February. This amount was supplemented, in a second step, by collecting 200,000 yuan, bringing together the donations of our Chinese collaborators and the matching amount paid by the Group.

There are many solidarity initiatives, across Europe:

In France, the production sites of Cognac (Rémy Martin), Angers (Cointreau) and Triève (Distillery of the Domaine des Hautes Glaces) have commenced their donations of neutral alcohol to local health organizations, in order for them to make hand sanitizer for pharmacies, doctors and hospitals within their region. For it to be done, some company employees are voluntarily reconditioning the alcohol directly into useable containers before delivering them. They will continue these initiatives for as long as is necessary.


In addition, Rémy Martin made a total donation of 8,000 surgical and FFP2 masks to the hospitals of Cognac and Saintes.

On the island of Islay in Scotland, our Bruichladdich distillery cooperated with the local soap manufacturer to make hand sanitizer and distribute it directly, as needed, to the hospital and doctors on the island.

Our Bruichladdich distillery has mobilized to produce hand sanitizer.

In the United States, Rémy Cointreau made a donation of 200,000 dollars to the US Bartenders Guilds National Charity Foundation, which financially supports bartends whose establishments are currently closed due to the epidemic and are thus deprived of income. The Cointreau brand, especially close to the bartender community, participated for half of this donation.

In Seattle, our Westland distillery has been producing, since the 23rd of March, hand sanitizer for several social and medical establishments of the Washington state, one of the most affected by the virus in the United States.

Finally, in Barbados, our Mount Gay Rum Distillery started delivering alcohol to pharmacies fabricating hand sanitizer for hospitals on the island, last week.

Eric Vallat, Chief Executive Officer of the Rémy Cointreau Group, added: “Since the beginning of this crisis, more than ever, it seemed essential for us to embody our values, to show solidarity and mutual aid. It is as close as possible to our markets and our production sites that our teams personally commit to help, to the extent of their human resources and financial capabilities, and for as long as the pandemic requires it.”

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