METAXA reveals LIKNON, its new Home on Samos island

25 October 2021

In 2017, the House of Metaxa acquired its very first vineyard on the slopes of Mount Ambelos, on the Greek island of Samos, to strengthen its connection with its Terroir and the island’s farmers, and to create a second home, complementing the historical distillery and cellars in Kifissia.

“We aim to anchor METAXA more deeply into its heritage and provenance.” – Dorothée Hériard Dubreuil, Managing Director
Four years later, in 2021, we are proud to reveal METAXA LIKNON, the new home immersed in our muscat vineyard. Evolving within and around stone structures and lush nature, LIKNON offers its guests an exclusive experience focused on the terroir of Samos, the House’s legacy and craftsmanship and its commitment to a more sustainable future (by the year 2023, our muscat grapes will officially receive organic certification), all expressed through the conviviality of authentic Greek hospitality.


With LIKNON, we aim to anchor METAXA more deeply into its heritage and provenance, to act responsibly for a sustainable future by preserving our precious Terroir, to connect with the communities of the island and to offer an unexpected experience of Greek hospitality” says Dorothée Hériard Dubreuil, Managing Director of the House of Metaxa.

In LIKNON, the traditional concept of a museum building dissolves into a walkthrough and an exploration around the vine’s habitat. The visitor wanders around and under the vines, submerges underground to get in touch with the history of the brand through an interactive experience and a series of sensory activations. The architecture of this scenery is an extension of the productive dry-stone terraces where vines grow and borrows the dynamic and roughness of the natural and traditional man-made landscape to blend into the valley.

LIKNON is for now open by invitation only to Rémy Cointreau staff, partners & press, but stay tuned!