New environmental successes for Maison Rémy Martin

6 May 2020

The Maison Rémy Martin is proud to announce new successes in its environmental policy.

– 100% of our partners are committed to sustainable agriculture in a continuous improvement process.

– 220 winegrowing partners of the Alliance Fine Champagne are now certified High Environmental Value (HVE), the highest level of certification issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The objective of reaching 50% of AFC certified vineyards has been achieved 2 years ahead of schedule.

– 100% of the HVE certifications have been renewed by the House’s winegrowers.

More than ever before, Rémy Martin is spearheading the environmental approach within the sector, as 85% of the HVE certifications in Charente and Charente-Maritime are winegrowing partners of the Alliance Fine Champagne.

2019 “Centaures de l’environnement” edition

For the 3rd consecutive year, our winegrowing partners were awarded with the “Centaures de l’environnement” (Environment Centaurs, ed.). In lieu of an official ceremony bringing together all the certified winegrowers, the Rémy Martin teams visited the 62 HVE certified winegrowers for the year 2019. On this occasion, they were given their Statuette and a sign indicating that their Domain is now HVE certified. It was a privileged moment of sharing and talking – while respecting the physical distancing.