L’Odyssée d’un Roi

17 October 2016

LOUIS XIII has featured in the world's legendary journeys.

Served in the dining car of the iconic Orient Express or on board Concorde, this exceptional cognac has circled the world many times since it first ventured out of its homeland in the late 1870s. As a tribute to this abundant heritage of adventure and discovery, LOUIS XIII is proud to present L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI, a unique collaboration inspired by LOUIS XIII's major expeditions around the world.

To assist in this epic saga, LOUIS XIII has enlisted three iconic French luxury brands that cultivate the same passion for craftwork: Hermès, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis. Each has channeled all of its expertise into the creation of three unique art objects showcased in several world capitals over a one-year period.

Each of these creations will be put to auction by Sotheby’s in New York (September 2016), Hong Kong (October 2016) and London (November 2016) and the proceeds donated to the not-for-profit organization, THE FILM FOUNDATION. Founded by Martin Scorsese and a host of other major directors, it works to preserve and restore major cinematic classics for the benefit of future generations.

"When art met genius, the result was L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI, a vibrant tribute to craftwork and time. The preservation of classic cinema echoes the patient and precise work that gives rise to our cognac," says Ludovic du Plessis, Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. "It was our desire that the money raised should go to THE FILM FOUNDATION which works to preserve and showcase restored movies and major cinema classics—mementos of a cultural heritage passed down through the generations."

An incredible journey

Some 50 artisans have put more than 1,000 hours of work into the creation of three original pieces with a unique design, each inspired by the continent where they will be exhibited. They comprise:

  • a tailor-made Hermès trunk crafted entirely by hand and covered in the most precious leathers in tribute to traditional luxury luggage;
  • a white gold pipette forged by the Art Deco goldsmith Puiforcat for the ritual of service;
  • and a stunning crystal decanter and four elegant tasting glasses, hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-engraved by the Saint-Louis royal crystal glassworks. Each decanter features a reproduced map of the destination continent from the 19th century.
  • A unique blend of LOUIS XIII enhanced with a selection of the oldest Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, preserved by the house and handed down from each Cellar Master to their successor. An exceptional cognac with unique aromas.

This set is accompanied by a wonderful book looking back on the legendary sagas that have taken LOUIS XIII to the edges of the earth.

A lasting commitment

L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI is the perfect example of the heritage alliance which gave rise to LOUIS XIII and its main source of inspiration: nature. The grape at the root of this blend comes from the limestone soils of Grande Champagne, the Cognac region's premier cru. Therefore, LOUIS XIII has always championed the conservation of this terroir and its biodiversity, thus committing to replanting 115,000 oak trees on French territory in partnership with the French National Forestry Office. Some of these trees are used to produce the 'tierçon' casks in which our best eaux-de-vie will flourish over the next 100 years. Cognac or piece of cinema, both take shape over time with infinite subtlety. In keeping with these values, the house has chosen to back THE FILM FOUNDATION in its commitment to safeguarding our cinematic heritage.

"We would like to thank LOUIS XIII for supporting THE FILM FOUNDATION," said Martin Scorsese. "This collaboration with LOUIS XIII and L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI is an excellent way of enforcing the preservation programs, raising awareness and promoting the foundation. Regardless of the date or origin of the movie, the foundation has pledged to continue bringing all cinematic masterpieces to life for future generations."

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