Explore METAXA 12 Stars today

9 December 2016

An elegant new packaging for a classic spirit with unmatched character.

In 1888, Spyros Metaxa, a pioneer looking ahead of his time, embarked on a quest to create a spirit that would deliver new levels of smoothness and brought to the world a one-of-a-kind amber spirit, METAXA.

METAXA 12 Stars the refined expression of this quest is an iconic spirit, incarnated through a redesigned packaging with a distinctive, premium style.

The pure design of this packaging is only the first step into an experience for the five senses.

The Packaging

The simple, pristine design of the new METAXA 12 Stars packaging sheds light to all the elements that made METAXA 12 Stars the iconic spirit it is today. The golden Salamina Warrior stands proud, as a symbol of courage, carrying the roots of the house. A signature engraved on the sides, is a tribute to the founder Spyros Metaxa, giving credit to the distinctive METAXA 12 Stars label. The luxurious bottle's bottom brings to mind a fine drinking glass. Sealed with a blue cap, reminiscent of the Greek blue, this elegant container is the keeper of the golden amber spirit inside.

The Exploration

The unique smoothness of METAXA 12 Stars is an expression of exceptional craftsmanship. The radiant amber spirit invites you to explore the depth of its character and elegant nature. Subtle fragrant notes of toasted oak wood, fruits and spices, are the concentrated aromatic first impression that tingles the senses. Dried flowers and spicy herbs, coffee and chocolate work together with dried prunes and orange peel, offering a velvety, silky feeling. Once you sip it, memories of dark cocoa come in to enrich the experience, spiced up with a touch of playful licorice, the awakening tanginess of dried orange, all rounded up with a kiss of honeyed figs  and prunes. A hint of spice and orange peel come in for the rewarding finale of a story told through fascinating notes.

A word from the METAXA Master Constantinos Raptis

"I am never in a rush. I know it takes time to achieve perfection. I created METAXA 12 Stars with twelve blends. In the beginning, I selected among some of the noblest, most aromatic Muscat wines exclusively from the Aegean island of Samos, that I blend together and age. When I feel that the moment is right, I combine them with blends of grape distillates that have matured in Limousin oak casks, of various degrees of toasting. Then, I add my secret bouquet of May rose petals and Mediterranean botanicals. As a final touch, I add longer aged blends of Muscat from Samos and grape distillates, crafted, matured and reserved for METAXA 12 Stars."