Craftsman’s Day

7 October 2019

The Rémy Cointreau Foundation organized for the first time on September 30th, the craftsman’s day. A day to share experiences, and to bring together the exceptional craftsmen supported by the Rémy Cointreau Foundation, the members of the Board of Directors, as well as 3 Rémy Cointreau employees invited as auditors. A moment shared around the know-how, the transmission and the heritage of the crafts, that the Rémy Cointreau Foundation wants to promote, and contribute to ensure its durability. Each craftsman gave his testimony to the members of the Board of Directors on the accompaniment of the Rémy Cointreau Foundation. The craftsmen also had the opportunity to share their unique know-how and love for the material they work with passion.

“The Rémy Cointreau Foundation has chosen to support the arts and crafts sector. We are happy to help combat the difficulties that the preservation of this heritage may represent.” Caroline MARTIN-RIHLAC, General Delegate of the Rémy Cointreau Foundation.