The power of authenticity

Far from being artificial, the Rémy Cointreau Group’s brands derive their strength from a unique authenticity, which is their most valuable asset.

Each one of them has been, in some cases for several centuries, deeply rooted in the terroir in whose traditions they remain steeped: Petite and Grande Champagne vineyards for our cognacs, the vineyard on the island of Samos for Metaxa’s Muscat wines, the Isle of Islay for Bruichladdich and The Botanist and, further afield, Barbados for Mount Gay.

We have been given the opportunity to be the heirs of these terroirs, of this legacy of the founders, and of this expertise handed down through the generations. Whilst competition is intensifying, and no market is ever truly won, it is up to us to manage this absolute authenticity without sacrificing the creativity which sets it apart.

More than ever before, it is up to us to assert our identity by continuing to select the best the land has to offer, to meticulously transform what time provides, and to give new meaning to each of our brands by doing very little to them, because it is our authenticity that remains the key deciding factor for our consumers. It justifies the amount that they are willing to pay to buy our products, to give them to others or to savour them themselves. In other words, it is priceless.