The House of Rémy Martin

Embodying art de vivre

This year, rich in initiatives, has been characterised by rebalancing and redeployment.

Rebalancing the distribution of sales of cognacs between the continents. Sales in the United States are now surpassing our exports to China. The sustained growth of our brands on the American market is even more remarkable in that it is essentially due to Rémy Martin VSOP and 1738 Accord Royal, thus proving the success of our strategy to move upmarket. In fact, the House has completely abandoned the low-end market, that of VS, to concentrate on the more prestigious cognacs. One figure sums up this strategy to move upmarket: over 100,000 cases of 1738 sold.

 This is a record, but above all, proof of the appeal of our signature and of the heritage it evokes. Rebalancing, and also redeployment in China, a market undergoing tremendous change. Luxury is now more discreet, but still the stuff of dreams. Although the situations for consumption are changing, the appetite for cognac is intact. As large banquets are no longer the done thing, we now have to reach out directly to the end consumer, who welcomes people into his home or invites small groups to restaurants. All of our efforts must focus on individual sales, for which the centaur, our timeless emblem, is an alluring asset as it symbolizes the dominance of our blends and a desire for refinement. Particularly in the year of the horse. The signature triumphed with the first Mathusalem of the House of Rémy: a bottle with a golden shimmer containing six litres of Club cognac with apricot and jasmine notes.

 American airports have also had the privilege of being the first to receive the prestigious boxes of the “Cellar Master Collection”. The moving and enthusiastic way in which our cellar masters were received at tasting dinners on their global tour during the hand-over of Pierrette Trichet to Baptiste Loiseau showed just how much their talent was appreciated. In the United Kingdom, an event was created with a pop-up House of Rémy Martin in the trendy Soho district of London: a private club with four floors where London-based artisans and designers, along with well-known chefs and barmen, relayed each other to relate 290 years of excellence. The “heart of cognac” won the heart of many celebrities, and the press reviews were positive. In addition, following on from Paris, the House in London gave young talented designers from ECAL the opportunity to display their work interpreting the theme of remixology, harmoniously mixing colours, scents and materials.

In Africa, a new frontier for our cognacs, the brand is continuing its on trade and off trade conquest of young clientèle cultivating exclusiveness. The Rémy Martin lounges inaugurated in clubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town are an excellent example. So, all over the world, the brand is asserting its energy, attracting new enthusiasts and embodying French art de vivre, the appeal of which is still strong.