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The House of Telmont was founded in 1912 by Henri Lhôpital, courageous wine grower, following the Champagne riots of 1911, in the village of Damery, near Epernay. The House is rich in ancestral know-how: four generations of winegrowers bequeathed their strong commitment to their terroir and their grapes to their successors, as well as the art of mastering each stage of wine making. Within their vineyards, importants steps had been taken to transition towards organic agriculture. The wines have a unique personality, presence, complexity and maturity, all the while preserving a remarkable ethereality. Telmont’s style is defined by its tension and its freshness. The house enables the terroir to express itself through its champagne, employing its know-how to help reveal the various facets of nature.

The encounter with Bertrand Lhôpital, fourth generation of the founding family, confirmed that the Rémy Cointreau Group and Telmont would form a unique partnership. The Group identified with the values of the House and proceeded to purchase a majority share in October 2020. Agricultural engineer, currently Head of Viticulture and Cellar Master of Telmont, Bertrand had already started transitioning several hectares of vines to organic agriculture.

In Nomine Terrae  In the coming months and years, the Telmont team will continue the ambitious certification process of the Telmont estate and will work towards a common goal with all partner winegrowers : to convert Telmont into a 100% organic champagne House over the next ten years. The House has adopted a new approach: no more transparent bottles, no more packaging or gift boxes. The objective is to reduce the House’s environmental footprint at every stage, from the production to the distribution. All this with full transparency.

Each bottle is individually numbered and the new labels show everything, clearly and simply, listing all the components and methods used to produce Telmont champagnes. The journey will be long and challenging, but the team will go down this road not only with passion and humility but also with great determination and sincerity. The House vows to always openly share its progress, not to be pinned as an example but to encourage everyone to respect mother nature, to whom we owe so much. In Nomine Terrae.



Ludovic du Plessis
Ludovic du Plessis / President of the House of Telmont

Ludovic du Plessis

President of the House of Telmont

For nearly twenty years, Ludovic du Plessis has dedicated his career to the world of luxury wines and spirits. Human encounters are at the heart of his professional arena. Ludovic discovered his passion for wine and gastronomy alongside his hedonist grandfather.

After 10 years spent at Dom Pérignon and Moët & Chandon, Ludovic joined LOUIS XIII Cognac as Global Executive Director in 2014. Time is LOUIS XIII’s raw material and with this spirit in mind, Ludovic imagined creative initiatives which received awards celebrating their innovative vision, in particular, 100 years campaigns featuring John Malkovich and Pharrell Williams. Ludovic, his career deeply rooted in French soil, was ready for a new entrepreneurial adventure.

He identified the House of Telmont in 2019. Ludovic made the introduction to the Remy Cointreau group which share the same values as Telmont: Time, Terroir, People. Remy Cointreau, welcoming the initiative, purchased a majority share in Telmont champagne in October 2020. The ambition is to develop the Telmont brand, particularly outside of France, while protecting its master craftsmanship and focusing on organic agriculture at a time when only 3% of champagne vineyards are certified for organic production. The house will thus remain true to its motto, ‘Nec Pluribus Impar’ – ‘Unlike any other’.

Bertrand Lhôpital / Head of Viticulture and Cellar Master

Bertrand Lhôpital

Head of Viticulture and Cellar Master

Over twenty years ago, in 1999, Bertrand Lhôpital was given the keys to the century-old family house by his father Serge. He has since devoted his life to his legacy with a strong conviction: his viticulture will be green and virtuous, respectful of the environment and its winegrowers.

Bertrand Lhôpital is determined to preserve the quality of his champagne rather than focus on the quantity of his production. His attention remains on the vines of the Telmont estate, protecting its soil and respecting the terroir. His research is directed by his ecological and environmental awareness, which is premature in the champagne world : Bertrand stops the use of herbicides within the estate and, in 2014, starts the organic conversion of some the it’s plots.

Bertrand inherited his family’s passion, know-how and visionary ambition. The Lhôpital family values are what captured the attention of the Rémy Cointreau group, which recently acquired a majority share of the house of Telmont and will be accompanied by Bertrand, who remains Head of Viticulture and Cellar Master in order to lead together this virtuous mission.




    The House of Telmont is founded by winegrower Henri Lhôpital, following the Champagne riots of 1911, in the village of Damery, near Epernay. Following the death of his father in 1937, André Lhôpital becomes Cellar Master. His own son Serge takes over in 1983, followed by his children Bertrand and Pascale in 1999.

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    Telmont creates a unique tourism experience: "24h in the vineyard" to expand the experiential offer available in the Champagne region. Telmont since developed 5 other workshops, including the unique, award-winning: "Oenologic Workshop" which enables visitors to create their own bespoke champagne blend, under the tutelage of the Cellar Master Bertrand himself, which they will be able to enjoy after a few years of aging.



    Telmont receives its first organic certification for certain sections of the house's vineyard, rewarding a decade of hard work and dedication.

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    In October, the Rémy Cointreau Group proceeds to purchase a majority share in Telmont. The Group and the House share common values and a commitment to sustainable exception.

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    Telmont launched its firt certified organic cuvée: Réserve de la Terre. Today, 49% of the House's total cultivated areas, more than 80 hectares (Telmont estate and partner winegrower sourcing) are certified organic or in conversion. Telmont is setting new standards for its production: no more transparent bottles, no more packaging and new, fully detailed labels.