Liqueurs & Spirits

The pursuit of excellence and a belief in innovation: A bold approach and a move upmarket

The continual progress of the liqueurs and spirits brands in their core markets demonstrates the validity of our forecast of an upturn: impressive recovery in the US, the search for new consumers and the vibrancy of our brands in emerging countries.

Cointreau, in particular, has had an exceptional year driven, notably, by today’s widespread love affair with cocktails.

St-Rémy, Passoã and Izarra have also continued to grow.

For Bruichladdich, the past year has been a decisive one : joined Rémy Cointreau Group in September 2012 it posted a very substantial growth and its brand protfolio has been strenghened.

Moutn Gay Rum continues its move upmarket, with the ambition of becoming the n°1 rum in value per case. This ambition came with the launch of Black Barrel.

The house of Metaxa, for the second consecutive year, has demonstrated its ability to recover, driven by its new strategy. The brand grows beyond its traditional markets.


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