Liqueurs & Spirits

Innovation as a philosophy

On the strength of their roots and their authenticity, liqueurs and spirits are constantly opening up to new horizons, buoyed by the multiplicity of consumption opportunities: all kinds of cocktails – long drinks or quick shots – are coming back into fashion, all to accompany exceptional moments. Our brands are daring to write new chapters of their history.

Cointreau: unparalleled charm
Authenticity, avant-garde and elegance make up the DNA of the House of Cointreau. The famous bottle with square facets and rounded corners, inspired by a perfume bottle from the 1900s, is continuing its career with mischief: like the Parisian woman who fascinates women from all over the world: sparkling, spiritual, free, and always so elegant. Sales of the liqueur have raced ahead of those of triple secs, especially in the United States, its leading market. Americans are crazy about Cointreau Rickey, the name adopted for what the French call Cointreau Fizz. London, Brussels and the big Australian cities are catching up with New York and San Francisco: more than one thousand bars now have their own versions of Cointreau Fizz: half a lime, a few centilitres of Cointreau and a jet of fizzy water.

Metaxa: sharing the sun
In 2014-15, Metaxa defied the depression of its country of birth, Greece, and the uncertainties of the Russian economy, which are important markets for the brand. The “Metaxa Moments” launched on the beaches have found their winter equivalent in après-ski, in the Alps and in the Carpathian Mountains. Metaxa 12 Stars can be proud of two-digit growth, thanks partly to the Polish market and duty free sales, proof of the appeal of this high-end flagship. The House of Metaxa is also anticipating the success of a new creation, launched in September 2014: Metaxa Honey Shot. A subtle composition of honey collected in the North of the Peloponnese married with rose petals from the same region. To drink in little glasses, neat and chilled, for celebrations with friends. The House of Metaxa’s rejuvenation is not over by a long shot.

St-Rémy: the aura of France
St-Rémy is continuing to enhance its value on its main markets with consistency: Canada, Scandinavia, Central Europe, and also, quite recently, Africa and Vietnam. This perimeter is expanding all the time, thanks to the brand’s attractive variations. Launched in 2014, St-Rémy French Honey made a very promising foray into the United Kingdom amongst young fans, whilst St-Rémy à la Crème has been adopted by a female clientèle in Quebec who sing its praises in cooking, backed up by blogs. For demanding palates, two new blends have been revealed this year, at the summit of the range: Réserve Privée and Small Batch Reserve.

Mount Gay: black barrel takes the lead
When telling the story of Mount Gay, we always come back to Barbados. This is where the oldest rum company in the world was established. Since 1703, the most complex blends have been created here, in ancestral ageing cellars. This heritage is always patiently explained to a selection of bar tenders and wine and spirits merchants. A pedagogy, that largely explains the healthy progression of the brand revenues, whose flagships are Black Barrel and Extra Old. Investments focus on these very high-end bottles and are highly targeted to create a buzz and to magnify it thanks to social media.

Bruichladdich, The Botanist: once upon a time, there was an island…
The House of Bruichladdich is home to four high-end brands, the single malt whiskies of Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore, plus The Botanist, the first and only Islay Dry Gin. All share an overall philosophy, and place terroir, their connection to the people and land of Islay at the center of everything they do. The distillery challenges much of the received wisdom of the traditional Scotch whisky industry, championing the variety offered by exploring barley provenance, cask management and peating levels while rejecting an over-simplistic reliance on age statements. Artisanal production methods are supported over efficiency, variety is considered above yield and the industrial processes that homogenise most Scotch whiskies are rejected. These are some of the most thought-provoking spirit brands in the world.