Corinne LavaCarré Cointreau and Special Events Manager



Arriving in the Rémy Cointreau Group as a maternity leave fill-in, Corinne Lava just couldn’t leave Cointreau! Now Manager of Carré Cointreau and Special Events, Corinne leads an animated team of people equally passionate about hospitality.

Rémy Cointreau Group debut?
I arrived for 6 months as a maternity leave fill-in when I was 32 to work with for visitors’ services. But working with Cointreau wasn’t just a step in my career. I even cried in the alambics on my last day. When I was later offered to return and work with the boutique, I didn’t hesitate for a second! La Maison Cointreau had faith in me, and gave me the “go” for my initiatives. I felt supported in each new project, which motivated me to continue to learn.

November 2020: celebrating 25 years with us

You decided to resume your studies.
Indeed, and when I decided to continue my communications studies at la Sorbonne, I received support from managers. During this absence, I received multiple offers outside the Group, but I was not tempted. My loyalty to la Maison Cointreau was without doubt. It was essential for me to preserve this relationship in an industry I found extremely attractive. I changed my husband, but I could not change my job!

What motivates you every day?
There isn’t a typical day. I thrive in this diverse environment. My first passion is to welcome visitors, as hostess of the house. And our guests are generally very agreeable. They come here to have a good time, get to know our house and learn about our products, our culture. In the rare cases when a guest is upset, our goal is to change their opinion, and to have them leave with good faith in our House.

As a manager, I take great pleasure in training and leading my team. I think it’s a very important role.

What can you do and see at la Maison Cointreau?
La Maison Cointreau has a long tradition of hospitality. Since the debut of the 20th century, friendly community values have been at front and center: values that continue to nourish us. We receive different types of guests: the general public, bar professionals (mostly for our academies), and visits tailored to VIPs or Rémy Cointreau Group members. We also have a beautiful boutique.

The town of Angers is animated by a number of events: festivals, congresses, salons … Thus, we work with select partners for these. We also organize Carré Cointreau soirées when we launch new products, cocktails, etc.

How do you measure success?
In measuring performance, numbers speak for themselves, and we are very proud of our figures. Two indicators are key: visitor satisfaction and the well-being of my team, a team that feels confident expressing their desires.

What would you tell someone interested in this type of role? 
It must be a passion, a true passion. You must be generous and take pleasure in giving, authentically like people … and like making people laugh. In fact, I often have the feeling that I’m not at work, but rather entertaining friends. But this job isn’t for everyone. It requires lots of flexibility and dealing with various personalities. It also implicates that the visitor experience is flawless, as it encompasses lots of details. You must never let anything drop: It’s the assurance of quality, which is recognized, in our case, through visitor experience.

Why Rémy Cointreau?
First, because gastronomy and everything it encompasses is a passion of mine; second, because the Group is completely in line with my values. My friends even call me Corinne Cointreau! I adore our products. I love my collegues who invest their daily lives into serving our clients and who appreciate the quality of eveything we bring them. I feel really proud to be a part of this beautiful House and a Group that has confidence in its employees and provides opportunities for growth.