Our crafts


Emmanuelle Piegza

Human Ressources & Talent Assistant

“Chance would have it” is an expression in which I firmly believe.


Cécile Roudaut

St-Rémy Master Blender

I was convinced that our brandy St-Rémy, which is a very versatile product, was perfectly adapted to play on different aromatic expressions.


Alexis & Camille Bouillet

Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors

As a Brand Ambassador for Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie in the Asia-Pacific region, my objective is to share my experience in the pastry industry.


Elodie Ameglio

Global Head of Compliance

I am responsible for Compliance for the Rémy Cointreau Group. My mission is to put in place rules and procedures within the Rémy Cointreau Group.


Antoine Teillard

The Botanist and St-Rémy Brand Manager

Working for vibrant brands such as The Botanist and St-Rémy puts you in contact with talented people on various creative projects and collaborations.


Catherine Caldwell

Corporate Community Manager

Rémy Cointreau believed in my ability to grow our online community and went to the length to sponsor my visa, transferring my student status to that of a full-time employee—which is something that not every company would do.


Marie Vallez

Talent Projects Officer

Our role is to support Rémy Cointreau employees throughout their career with us (from Paris to Shanghai, Seattle or Islay). We try to "break the silos" to the maximum, and to propose the best possible opportunities, according to each profile. That's why, for us, changing jobs is possible, if we can prepare and accompany the person in due time.


Ambrine Es-Satte

IT Coordinator, V.I.E at Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay

I feel that we are not just hired for our skills, but also for who we are.


Alix de Boisset

Senior Communications Manager

Rémy Cointreau's values correspond with my personal aspirations, and the portfolio of brands, to me, seems emblematic of the influence of French savoir-faire. Joining the Group enabled me to live in daily fascination: Spirits are luxury products while remaining the fruit of terroir and a work of excellence.


Bruno Mortier

Industrial Director

At Rémy Cointreau, everyone can be a source of new ideas and propose them. We benefit from great freedom in decision-making to meet objectives.


Amaury Vinclet

Vice President Rémy Martin, Americas

At Rémy Cointreau, “people” is not just a word in a P&L, but the essence of who we are as a Group.


Ashley Haouzi

IS/IT Manager V.I.E, London

Every day is a challenge, and I know that I will learn something new.


Xavier Carbonel

Country Manager Nigeria

I was looking for my next adventure: a developing country with strong economic growth and a large population that would become the next China.


Mylène Goënvec

Executive Assistant

Our team is like our family, and I love when we meet together.


Bertrand Vuillermoz

EMEA HR Director

Bertrand Vuillermoz’s affinity for connecting people serves him well as our EMEA HR Director. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he works with teams from Kazakhstan to central London.


Cedric Bouteiller

Master Mixologist at Club Rémy Martin in Cognac

Be creative, attentive, passionate and love art. Mixology is the art of liquid gastronomy!


Christine Cameron

Global Brand Manager for LOUIS XIII

“Go full-on digital!” Get the scoop on CRM (and perhaps get inspired to climb Mount Blanc or run a marathon!) from Christine Cameron, Global Brand Manager for LOUIS XIII cognac in Paris.


Rémi Brabant

Area Manager for Travel Retail in Latin America, the US East Coast and the Caribbean­­­

From Miami, to New York, to London, and then to back to Miami, Frenchman Rémi Brabant—Area Manager for Travel Retail in Latin America, the US East Coast and the Caribbean­­­—eagerly embraced international opportunities during his 12+ years in our Group.  


Camille Jamet

V.I.E CSR Associate

Did you know that we have CSR-related V.I.E? Hear about Camille Jamet's experience in Barbados.


Armand Faure

Brand Activator Ghana

"My job is to create special moments of joy, sharing and discovery—how unique is that?"


Jennifer Reade

Senior Global Brand Manager

Jennifer Reade gives us the 411 on botanicals in The Botanist, the gin and tonic boom—and what you’ll see at our Glasgow office.


Chris Powling

Country Director of Rémy Cointreau Canada

"Everything started with the creation of not only a team, but a family. We knew that this would become the backbone of our future success in Canada—and it is my most proud professional achievement to this day."


Timothee Memmi

Senior Brand Director, US

"Rémy Cointreau is on a transformational journey that’s visionary and disruptive, which makes us a unique player in the industry ... Working at Rémy Cointreau means contributing to this journey, which is why everyone you’ll meet here shares such a strong sense of purpose."


Eugene Goh

Director of Global Travel Retail, Singapore

"Rémy Cointreau’s belief in people and family allows every individual to find fulfillment and meaning in what they do and a proper work-life balance. You have got to be a part of this experience!"


Mikhail Kalachev

PHD Brand Manager in Moscow

“There are even memes about how the work of Brand Ambassador is perceived from the outside.” Get the inside scoop on what this role is really like from Mikhail Kalachev, PHD Brand Manager in Moscow.


Steven Vanbockrijck

Financial Director for Rémy Cointreau Central West Europe & CFO at Rémy Cointreau Belgium-Luxembourg

After 15 years working with our brands and 10 years in our Group, Steven Vanbockrijck feels that his role is “not just a job; it’s a job where you become passionate about your brands.”


Léo Robert

Financial Planning and Control Manager - Greater China

“My passion for spirits drove me to China.” Read what Frenchman Léo Robert is doing for Rémy Cointreau’s spirits from Shanghai.


Darrio Prescod

Brand Ambassador

Barbados-born and -bred Darrio Prescod, Brand Ambassador for Mount Gay Rum, is taking on the Big Apple.


Caroline Sarrot-Lecarpentier

Communications Director for LOUIS XIII

Time is essential for Caroline Sarrot, Communications Director for LOUIS XIII.


Charles Alexander

Area Manager for Africa and the Indian Ocean

A view inside our Group from out of Africa: Charles Alexander, Area Manager for Africa and the Indian Ocean, shares what makes working for Rémy Cointreau one in its own.


Nick Rees

Marketing Manager for the Middle East & India

“Work hard, be yourself, enjoy everything that you do, knowing that, if you can do these three things, whilst respecting our company values, you could work almost anywhere in the world.” Hear more from Nick Rees—Marketing Manager for our Middle East & India Zone—about what it’s like to live in Dubai and work with us.  


Qi Xin Gwee

Marketing Director GTR

From beauty to The Botanist, Singapore-born Qi Xin Gwee brings his expertise in managing brands in different stages of development to the ever-revolving realm of Global Travel Retail.


Tyrel Ball

General Manager of Rémy Cointreau Malaysia

Here’s to over one year of business! Meet Tyrel Ball, the first General Manager of Rémy Cointreau Malaysia.


Morgan de Premorel

LOUIS XIII Private Client Director - Singapore, Vietnam & the Pacific

Morgan de Premorel—LOUIS XIII Private Client Director for Singapore, Vietnam & Pacific—spearheads CRM programs for HNWI clientele to spread French art de vivre throughout Southeast Asia.


Simone Dauphin

Executive Assistant to Rémy Cointreau Americas CEO

New Zealand-born Simone Dauphin, Executive Assistant to Rémy Cointreau Americas CEO Ian McLernon, is a bit of a clairvoyant when it comes to the corporate world. And after 8.5 years in our Group under different CEOs, foresight is all in a day’s work.


Raymond Fernandez

Cooper at the House of Rémy Martin

Three Cellar Masters and countless barrels (15,000 a year to be precise!): Meet Raymond Fernandez, Cooper at the House of Rémy Martin for 26 years. 


Emma Paillard

LOUIS XIII Global Brand Manager

“If you have something in mind that is really important for you, listen and act.” Emma Paillard, LOUIS XIII Global Brand Manager, did just that in taking a sabbatical to embark on a surfing journey around the world.


Charlene Purchase-Daniel

Supply Chain Manager, Rémy Cointreau UK Distribution

With a background in video games and entertainment, London-based Charlene Purchase-Daniels changed trades at the start of 2018 to supervise our supply chain in Great Britain and the British Isles.


Fida Bou Chabke

Managing Director of Hong Kong and Taiwan

From electrical engineering and finance, to becoming CEO of a winemaking consulting and equipment company, to then moving to Asia (without ever setting foot on the continent!) Fida Bou Chabke—Managing Director of Hong Kong and Taiwan—proves that hard work opens uncommon career paths at Rémy Cointreau.


Alex Gutman

Senior Director of IT & CIO for our Americas region

Alex Gutman—Senior Director of IT & CIO for our Americas region—shares what makes Rémy Cointreau a special place to work.


Adrien Duchemin

Global Digital Manager for Cointreau

Roots in Cognac, Adrien Duchemin’s passion for spirits and strategy games led him to self-taught web design and digital media.


Eva Lee

Management Trainee, Taiwan

I am motivated by our Group’s belief in enriching peoples’ potentials.


Max Wang

North Sales Management Trainee, Greater China

This company has a long history, but they also believe in the future.


Estelle Peng

South Sales Management Trainee, Greater China

When I met with the team at Rémy Cointreau, whose core values are “Terroir, people and time,” I felt I had found a perfect match.


Miranda Mei

Management Trainee, Finance, Greater China

I like the corporate culture and feel a harmonious atmosphere in my team, which makes me feel motivated and confident to make progress together.


Mia Fu

Human Resources Management Trainee, Greater China

I feel that Rémy Cointreau is a place where I have many opportunities to grow and contribute, thanks to the trust I receive from my colleagues.


Louise Guo

Supply Chain Management Trainee, Greater China

I found the stories behind Rémy Cointreau’s spirits inspiring and how they are made extremely attractive and authentic.


Katrina Zhang

Southwest Sales Management Trainee, Greater China

At Rémy Cointreau, I am inspired to stay curious and explore the unknown.


Halie Deng

E-commerce Management Trainee, Greater China

Joining Rémy Cointreau marked the beginning of my career.


Wackey Wang

Sales Development Management Trainee, Greater China

Within one month of working at Rémy Cointreau Greater China, every day, I felt their respect for “Terroir, people and time.”


Christopher Bourne

Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist

As we talk to Christopher Bourne, he is sitting in his office, but this isn’t your typical cubicle.


Paul Delvert

International Brand Manager for the House of Metaxa

Watch and learn about the experience of Paul Delvert, International Brand Manager for the House of Metaxa, V.I.E in Brussels, Belgium. 


Arnault Brunet

Head of Audit, Compliance & Insurance

Think internal auditors are just like Big Brother? Think again. Hear from Paris-based Arnault Brunet, Head of Audit, Compliance and Insurance.


Joffrey Etienne

Brand Ambassador, Rémy Martin and Mount Gay

Wonder what a Brand Ambassador does? Read from Joffrey Etienne, Brand Ambassador for Rémy Martin and Mount Gay in France.


Sandrine Guillem

Personal Assistant, EMEA Zone

When things don’t work, Sandrine Guillem, Personal Assistant to our Senior Vice President for the EMEA Zone, finds a solution.


Laurent Cosson

Brand Director, LOUIS XIII Americas

Laurent Cosson, our Brand Director for LOUIS XIII Americas, discovered the world of wine and spirits by following his passion. Read his Rémy Cointreau story.


Xavier Tallot

Marketing Director for Africa, the Middle East & India

From after-work apéros in Paris to typical “braais” in Cape Town, Xavier Tallot—Marketing Director for Africa, the Middle East and Asia—moved from France to South Africa after three roles and nearly 10 years in our Group.


Jean-Baptiste Sialelli

Global Trade Marketing Manager

You could call Jean-Baptiste Sialelli, our Global Trade Marketing Manager, a true spirits savant. He started young and stayed in the business, sharping his skills in four roles in 10 years (and counting!) with our Group in Paris.


Emma Lamont

Senior Brand Manager, Single Malts, USA

Dream of transitioning into a new role in a new place—but with the team you love? Now based in the United States, Emma Lamont, our Senior Brand Manager of Single Malts, did just that.


Luc Vlaminck

Group Treasurer & Managing Director, Brussels

Ever considered a career in treasury? Hear from Luc Vlaminck, our Group Treasurer & Managing Director in Brussels.


Mickael Bonnamy

Brand Activator, Ghana

"I thought Rémy Cointreau was the perfect match for me." Think you may have found your match? Hear more from Mickael Bonnamy, our V.I.E Brand Activator in Ghana.


Jennifer Romanczuk

Assistant General Counsel

"To have the opportunity to be able to pursue your dreams, and to have team members so supportive of your passions, is truly a gift." Hear why else Jennifer Romanczuk, our Assistant General Council in New York, loves working with us.


Diane Rolland

Senior Brand Controller

Want to hear how the financial world can be exciting? Read from Diane Rolland, our Senior Brand Controller for Rémy Martin & LOUIS XIII, based in Paris.


Hervé Buzon

Global Brand Director, St-Rémy

"A true gourmand" with an affinity for fine food and beverage, Hervé Buzon fuses his passion and experience in travel retail and domestic marketing into rebranding the world's No. 1 French brandy: St-Rémy.


Alexis Delrieux

LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador, GULF, UAE, Dubai

Alexis Delrieux is one of the trailblazers in our Group, breaking down barriers as our first brand activator through a V.I.E program in Ghana—and our first LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador in Dubai.


Elisabeth Tona

Marketing Director, Southeast Asia-Pacific

From Scotland, to Paris, to Singapore, networking led Elisabeth Tona to her current role as Marketing Director for the Southeast Asia-Pacific region.


Corinne Lava

Carré Cointreau and Special Events Manager

Now Manager of Carré Cointreau and Special Events, Corinne leads an animated team of people equally passionate about hospitality. Discover her story …


Antoine Couvreur

Zone Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

Meet Antoine Couvreur, our Zone Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He started as an intern within the Rémy Cointreau Group, and 17 years after his first full-time gig, he’s held six roles in three different locations.


Grégoire Poitevin

Marketing Director, Japan

After spending 12 years in Japan and 5 years in China sharpening his skills in premium wines and spirits, French painter Grégoire Poitevin was not merely seeking more responsibility in his next career move.


Florian Pflieger

Progressive Hebridean Distillers Brand Ambassador

"I have been a whisky collector and enthusiast for years, and the first whisky I bought was The Classic Laddie." —Florian Pflieger, Progressive Hebridean Distillers Brand Ambassador. Call it fate? Hear Florian’s story.


Geraldine Le Garrec

Brands Director for Bruichladdich

Now with our Group for 11 years—and a textbook case for successful international mobility—she inspires us all to “be the master of our own destiny.”


Sandrine Daunar

Research Director for Liquors and Spirits

After honing her craft in market research, Sandrine Daunar, our Research Director for Liquors and Spirits brands, transitioned from large consumer goods in Switzerland to exceptional spirits to work with us Paris.


Cheryl Chong

Louis XIII Brand Director, Greater China

It is precisely the persistence of prior generations’ respect for Terroir, People and Time that we have the privilege to be part of an exquisite gem like LOUIS XIII, and every day in this company...


Effie Li

Head of Accounting

It’s been one year since I joined Rémy Cointreau China as Head of Accounting, leading the China accounting team with 10 team members. I was surrounded by a harmonious atmosphere and challenging...


Emily Ren

Finance Control Assistant Manager

I joined Rémy Cointreau’s Financial Planning & Analysis team in 2007, and, over 10 years, witnessed every evolution of the company’s early stages of development.


Michael Fang

Customer Service Assistant Manager

I joined the Rémy Cointreau China supply chain team in April 2009. I initially oversaw the key accounts channel orders, and now oversee the customer service team for the entire sales channel in China.


Sean Zhang

Management Trainee, Louis XIII

When I watched the teaser video of “100 YEARS: The Movie You Will Never See” in the 100 Years Campus Talk, I was truly thrilled by the idea of shooting a movie that would release one century later.


Connor Bai

Management Trainee, Rémy Martin Marketing

In 2017, the very first year after graduation, I came to Rémy Cointreau Greater China, and that is where our beautiful story starts. As a Management Trainee, I feel motivated and valued here.


Kevin Yuan

Head of E-commerce

There’s an ancient saying of wisdom known among Chinese people that captures Terroir/People/Time, which, from my personal view, rightly corresponds to Rémy Cointreau’s own Terroir, People and Time.


Vivian Weng

HR Director, Greater China

Terroir, People and Time, the core values of Rémy Cointreau, have been rooted into and blossomed through the Greater China team. We injected the DNA of youth and diversity in: Designing and creating a new Group structure that is more agile and efficient; Creating contemporary business units and jobs to solidify our position as leaders … Continued


David Dakenbrink

Vice President, HRD, Rémy Cointreau USA

Throughout the last few years, the Rémy Cointreau USA organization has steadily evolved. The results of our success are driven by our core values of Terroir, People & Time...


Ben Lorimer

Senior Market Manager, Texas

I have been employed by RC USA for a little over three years. On my first day, I quickly noticed the organization’s ability to motivate its sales force...


Frank Jakubka

Senior Market Manager, Northern California, Rémy Cointreau USA

In my twenty-eight years in the wine and spirts business, twelve of those with Rémy Cointreau, I have taken great pride in educating myself in every aspect of the industry...


Mason Gray

Director, Strategic Accounts, Casino Channel, Rémy Cointreau USA

My journey with Rémy Cointreau began in September of 2014, as the Strategic Account Manager for key casino partners in the US. In March 2016, I had the opportunity to become the Strategic Account Director of the Casino channel...


Lana Lauriano

Market Manager, South Carolina, Rémy Cointreau USA

Home Grown

During my childhood, the iconic green bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP stood front and center in the dining room of my childhood home...


Jérôme Charpentier

Director of Human resources at Rémy Martin


At Rémy Martin, the business lines reflect the nature of the products: extremely varied, often complex, and with high value added...

But, most important, whatever task they are entrusted with, everyone strives to do the very best they can to rise to the challenges of a prestige product that never ceases ...


Chantal Breuil

Assistant to the Cognac HRD


Learning a new occupation... at the age of 50

In 1981, the young Chantal Breuil, aged 20 and a qualified trilingual secretary, joined Rémy Martin as secretary to the Export Sales Administration. She was then appointed secretary to the Export Director and, in 1988, was appointed sector manager for ...


Angélique Raiton

Manager of Accounts Payable


When I returned from maternity leave, I began my training...

I joined the Rémy Cointreau Accounts Payable department in Cognac as a temp in June 2008 to help the team implement the SAP software solution ...


Michael Meunier

Assistant Manager of Cooperage


I have been Assistant Manager of Cooperage within the Cellar Master team since March 1st, 2016.

On September 1, 2008, I joined the Rémy Martin Product Development department as a cellar operator after several years' experience in cooperage ...


Julien Georget

Manager of Domaines Rémy Martin


Wonderful things are in store for Domaines Rémy Martin ...

My journey started in November 2013 when I joined Rémy Martin as a winemaking and oenology consulting engineer in the Cellar Master teams. For three distillation seasons, my daily work involved tastings and consultations with Alliance Fine Champagne partners ...