Pol BothuanChief Information Security Officer



In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: January 2022
Current position: Chief Information Security Officer
Based in: Paris, France

Meet Pol

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Can you present your position in the Group?
I joined Rémy Cointreau in January 2022, to take care of cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity is to accompany and protect Rémy Cointreau, so that opportunities remain only business opportunities, and that they do not become opportunities that we offer to cybercriminals to attack us. We identify the risks and implement several measures, both technical and organizational, to achieve an acceptable level of risk. In short, cybersecurity is risk management, serving Rémy Cointreau’s objectives.

What do you like the most in working at Rémy Cointreau?
Like Rémy Cointreau, the cyber team is a human-sized team, which offers its members great diversity. First, a great variety of activities, we work daily on both operational activities and projects. There is also a great diversity of subjects. We work as much on technical subjects as on functional and organizational subjects, in connection with the various business departments. And finally, it is also a great diversity of people and cultures. Every day, we discuss and work with people who are in Asia, in Europe, or in America. In short, it is an extremely stimulating environment.

What are the main skills required to work in your team?
To work in cybersecurity, you need several technical skills, but I would say that this is not the main thing. Above all, you need to analyze a situation, and put it into a business risk context. You also need to be curious and like to work transversally with all types of profiles.

Why did you chose to work in the Group?
What attracted me to Rémy Cointreau, is that it is a human-centered company. This is rare and precious. At Rémy Cointreau, we like to do things right, seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously.