Louise QuillardInternational Brand Manager



In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: September 2021
Current position: International Brand Manager
Based in: Paris, France

Meet Louise

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Tell us about yourself and your job
I am International Brand Manager for St-Rémy, the 100% French brandy of the Rémy Cointreau group. I started working in the wine and spirits industry in 2017, first within an important wine exporter, which was based in Santiago, Chile. I then joined a French group, for which I worked for three years, first in Paris, then in New York, to finally join Rémy Cointreau in 2021.

Why this attachment to the wine and spirits sector?
What I like most about the wine and spirits industry is the relationship with the land, the terroir, the work of men, and the impact of time. For example, we, at St-Rémy, work with eaux-de-vie that come from the diversity of all the vineyards of France, and each of which has its own typicity, bringing different aromas, which are also different each year. Yet, Cécile, our Master Blender, is able to reproduce year after year, the same authentic taste of St-Rémy, which our consumers know, and to which they are loyal.

As an International Brand Manager, what are your missions and your team?
I have the chance to work in a team that is a bit atypical, since we are only 2 in the central marketing team of St-Rémy: the Brand Director, and myself. So, it really allows us to evolve 360° on the brand, for instance on the product development.
For this, we work with agencies, and with the Packaging Development teams based in Angers. This is for all limited editions, for example. In addition to that, we have the communication. With our digital agencies, for example, which take care of our Instagram account, our Facebook account, our website, and with which we create brand content. Our press agency is useful for the specialized press, for example, or events. There’s also a more educational communication, for our salespeople, for instance, for the international sales teams. So, it is very varied. We handle everything on the brand, and there is never a dull moment.

How do you collaborate with international markets?
We are in constant communication, if not daily, with the markets, because having worked in local teams before gave me the importance of knowing what the teams need, to best adapt and respond to their needs, and to make the brand an international success.

What do you like about working at Rémy Cointreau?
It is precisely this international dimension that I like so much in the Rémy Cointreau group. This almost daily contact with the markets, or even at headquarters, where there are different cultures.
And also, knowing that if ever, in a few years, we want to go and work in the subsidiaries, whether in Geneva, for the closest one, or in Barbados, for the sunniest one, it would be possible, is another big advantage.
And working in a rather small team, as I said, allows us to have a lot of autonomy and independence, in our decision-making process. My manager’s trust, too, really allows me to quickly move through the various processes, without having to go through a lot of steps. It’s very nice.