Gauthier ArnouldBrand Financial Controler



In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: July 2020
Current position: Brand Financial Controller
Based in: Paris, France

Meet Gauthier

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Gauthier Arnould, and I am Brand Financial Analyst within the Rémy Cointreau group. I joined the company as an intern at the end of my studies in the Rémy Cointreau group, in the Controlling central team, which is the financial team, not affiliated with any particular brand, or market. I signed my permanent contract at the very beginning of 2021, still in finance, but this time within the Liqueurs and Spirits portfolio.

What is your job?
My daily job consists of following and analyzing the performance of the brands in my portfolio, as well as ensuring and supplying the various financial processes. My role extends to being a business partner for one of the recently integrated brands, Belle de Brillet, as well as for the Rémy Cointreau Group’s Gastronomy division. We work in a group with a turnover over one billion, but the teams remain on a human scale, with brands of very different sizes, which immediately gives a wider scope.

Can you recall your onboarding at Rémy Cointreau?
When you take a job at Rémy Cointreau, a whole induction circuit is set up, which allows us to meet the maximum number of employees. It is a real plus to facilitate our daily exchanges, and, more generally, to facilitate our integration within the group.

What do you like about Rémy Cointreau?
I have long had a strong attachment to the wine and spirits sector, which makes my missions very concrete, and it is a real advantage to work in a group with a great dynamic, with multiple perspectives of evolution, since we control every step, from production to the marketing of our products. And I would add that it is very pleasant to work for a know-how.