Laura MornetWinegrower and R&D Advisor


Why Rémy Martin?
The values of the House of Rémy Martin are those I identify with in my professional and personal life. We are like a family with a real bond, and that’s what makes things a lot more interesting, richer.

What is the best part of your role?
I love the connection I have with the winemakers. We work as close to the land as possible, which reminds us what the real values are. I build a very strong bond with our partners. It’s the art of my team to help the winegrowers we work with progress, and we adapt our advice to each and every one of them.

What is your role in the production and selection of eaux-de-vie?
This is the other aspect of my work. We have to make our partners understand what we are looking for, i.e. the best eaux-de-vie. With my team, we taste about 2,000 samples per distillation campaign, at least 60 per day. It is rewarding to taste a very fine eau-de-vie with a quintessential quality. It is a wonderful job I do; I get to taste eaux-de-vie that were made when I was not even born… it’s a privilege, it’s magic.

A word about protecting the environment?
I have been working on environmental aspects for 20 years. Today, our winegrowers are confronted with many problems. We are working with them on issues such as safeguarding biodiversity, global warming, water quality… These are crucial subjects for the future.