Julia BruléResearch Director


In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since December 2019
Current position: Research Director brands, Asia and Travel Retail
3 skills to work in your team: open-mindedness, organization, communication skills
3 reasons to join Rémy Cointreau: the Group’s values, the work environment, challenge

Joining Rémy Cointreau

Why Rémy Cointreau?
After more than 10 years of experience in quanti/quali research in research institutes (Ipsos, Ifop, etc.) and then in a social listening/data insights agency, I was offered the opportunity to join Rémy Cointreau and use my skills at the heart of the Group’s brand strategy. For me, this change was a natural step in my career path!

Can you recall your onboarding?
After Sandra Lamoureux contacted me on LinkedIn, we decided to meet. We had a lovely talk; it was very different from classic interviews, which I appreciated, and I was seduced by this opportunity. Then, I met the person who was going to be my manager, and again I felt very comfortable. I did a final interview with a case study. By then, I knew I wanted to join Rémy Cointreau.

Working as Research Director

What are your missions and objectives?
My mission is to support brands on all topics that may arise in terms of research or prospective studies:
– Meeting brands’ research needs: listening to their problems, transforming them into research briefs, selecting agencies, choosing the most suitable methodology and the most interesting proposal, then organizing the study with the agency, from launch to feedback.
– Research follow-up: synthesis of results and recommendations, workshops if necessary to go further, support of brands in translating research results into action.
– Providing input for brands upstream: strategic intelligence, research on current issues and trends (desk research, social listening tools, etc.).

What types of studies do you coordinate?
I work on a very wide range of studies: qualitative studies (exploratory, concept, product and range testing, etc.), quantitative studies (range testing, shopper studies, pre/post campaign testing, exploratory or transversal studies, etc.).

What tools and resources do you use?
Depending on the needs, I use business data sources, sources of information on wine & spirits trends or other topics (to broaden our horizons!), our social listening tool, or any other source (Internet, press, etc…) that I have at hand. And of course, I exchange a lot with my team, which allows me to keep abreast of the news or to get information quickly!

The work environment

You have recently joined the company. Can you recall your onboarding?
As soon as I arrived, I met colleagues from different departments and different brands, which gave me an overview and a global vision of the Group. Even though I arrived at a very disturbed time (public transportation strike, then the Covid crisis, lockdown…), I felt that I was not alone in this and that’s very much appreciated. In addition, the visit to the Rémy Martin estates in Cognac allowed me to immerse myself in the world of the House and to bring a very concrete dimension to my missions.

How’s the work environment at Rémy Cointreau?
I was immediately struck by the kindness and enthusiasm at Rémy Cointreau. My colleagues are always ready to listen, and you can sense a common desire to move forward, to build the Group’s future.