Cedric BouteillerMaster Mixologist at Club Rémy Martin in Cognac



Your background?
I’m from Montendre, France: a small village nestled in the middle of Cognac vineyards adjacent to the Blayais region. I’m self-taught in cocktails, restaurants and wine. After being trained in aircraft engineering, I was a mechanic in Bordeaux. This was an enriching experience that taught me rigor, as well as perfectionism. I missed my years as a barman (which were from 18-25 years old), which is why I decided to return to the restaurant and bar industry at several restaurants within the Nouvelle Aquitaine region—Bœuf Kiri in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Château de Mirambeau and the five-star Relais & Château.

How did you enter world of spirits?
Having grown up in a wine region, the world of wine and spirits was always attractive to me. I had the opportunity to work with different establishments where bartenders and sommeliers helped me grow.

How did you discover Rémy Cointreau?
When I was working at Château de Mirambeau, I had the opportunity to discover Rémy Martin and LOUIS XIII cognacs, which gave me the desire to join this beautiful family Group.

Your career path at Rémy Cointreau?
Head chef (Chef de rang), Maitre d’hôtel and now, Master Mixologist. Trainings, passion and desire helped me grow.

What are your responsibilities as Master Mixologist?
Know the classics before revisiting them, be open to new trends, follow bartenders and influencers and transmit my passion to my clients. And above all, create a friendly atmosphere—and put on a show for our guests!

What do you enjoy most in your role?
Conviviality and sharing. I love living out my passion, and sharing on a daily basis, educating my colleagues to exchange with the whole world! A mixologist, above all, brings joy and surprises people. I love sharing my passion through original textures and flavors with our guests.

What brands do you work with?
Obviously with Rémy Martin! But also with the other brands in our: Cointreau, Metaxa, Bruichladdich, Mount Gay, The Botanist, St-Rémy, Westland, as well as Domaine des Hautes Glaces. Everything like a recipe, if we want our cocktail to be balanced and good, we need excellent products. I am priviledged to have excellent products. I prefer quality, locality and rarity.

You recently participated in the Rémy Club. What can you share with us about this event?  
This was a beautiful evening in Paris organized with influencers from around the globe. We spotlighted three cocktails— Side Car, Sour and XO Old Fashioned—in unique, ludic, creative experience. On the program: the history of cocktails, execution, shaker techniques, and mastering the dosage for good balance. A friendly ambiance of sharing, happiness and laughter: a true pleasure.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! I love to share with passionate people. I am inspired by our ambassadors who travel around the world, our chefs at the Club and evidently our mixologists who I am lucky enough to meet. I also source inspiration from social media, blogs, my trips, books and trainings, which are great sources of influence.

What trends are you seeing in mixology?
As in gastronomy, I am seeing a strong trend to go back our roots (local), simplicity, authenticity and the preservation of nature. I adapt myself to these new trends by working with gardens and gardeners and buying organic straws made from natural wheat. I express our creations with local products. A story is behind every one of our cocktails: Stories that I love to share with our clients who themselves love stories.

The best thing about the cocktail world?
The fraternity among international bartenders. I am proud to be a part of the community!

Where is your work based?
The Club at Rémy Martin in Cognac.

What advice can you give to people who dream of having the same job as you?
Be creative, attentive, passionate and love art. Mixology is the art of liquid gastronomy!