Mylène GoënvecExecutive Assistant



How did you join the Rémy Cointreau Group?

A few years ago, a former colleague of mine, who worked at Rémy Cointreau, encouraged me to apply for an executive assistant role. That’s how I joined the Group.


Your career path?

Since the start of my career, I’ve always been an executive assistant. I worked in small settings, as well as for large groups like McDonalds Europe and Deloitte.


Why did you choose this type of work?

Simply because I studied foreign languages (English and Italian). I always wanted to work with an international Group.


Your beginnings at Rémy Cointreau?

I started in November 2008 as the assistant of Spyros Ghikas, the director of the EMEA. Then I assisted Luca Marotta, our financial director. And since then, I’ve been based in Angers, still as an assistant, but this time for 3 directors: Bruno Mortier, Industrial Director, Jean-Claude Ferreira, Group Supply Chain Director, and Jean-Pascal Martin-Festa, Group Purchasing Director.


The biggest challenge as an Executive Assistant?

I appreciate being one of the central pillars of the team, as well as having a maternal-like role: Our team is like a family, and I love when we meet together. We work a lot by email, and often my telephone, but it’s important to get together. Everything is digital now, but face-to-face contact is essential for me.


What is unique about your role?

No day is alike. There is evidently a basic part, but a large part of my missions change as projects do. “Life is not a quiet river.”


You are happy at the end of the day when?

When I accomplish all my tasks. My missions require lots of anticipation, so I like to prepare in advance.


How did your transition from Paris to Angers go?

I moved to Angers for personal reasons. I asked for a job in the countryside to live with my partner.  I was lucky to find this job at Rémy Cointreau. Above all, I didn’t want to leave the Group, as all my colleagues are engaged in their work and always looking for exception; I love this spirit!


What are your new challenges in Angers?

I already work for three different teams. You must know how to prioritize, manage tasks and rapidly switch roles. It’s daily mental gymnastics!


An anecdote from your professional life?

When I was a barmaid in a jazz club during my time as a student, my favorite cocktail was a Balalaïka (Cointreau, vodka and lemon). I made lots of cocktails at this time, and the club was attached to Cointreau. In working there, I didn’t know that Cointreau came from Angers, and it was by joining Rémy Cointreau that I finally discovered it was a project that came from by region. Twenty-five years later, I still work with Rémy Cointreau. A funny coincidence!