Our Philosophy

Marc-Henri Bernard

Human Resources Director

Rémy Cointreau’s most valuable corporate asset is its staff, and this is reflected in its daily recruitment, training, work organization and internal-communications actions.

In an effort to enhance Group know-how, diverse experience is the crucial factor in the company’s external recruitment process. The year’s new recruits, mostly from the luxury sector, are confirmation of this in line with the newly implemented special strategy.

With this in mind, in-house training sessions geared towards the Group’s business lines have been organized: the Brand Academy to improve brand understanding, the Art of Selling Academy for sales, the Finance Academy for non-finance staff, the Quality Academy for products and product presentation, and the forthcoming Digital Academy and Management Academy.

In general terms, the Rémy Cointreau Group is fully aware that individual satisfaction leads to Group success.

Key figures



Average seniority

7,9 ans


44,8 %


55,2 %

In France

40.7 %

In Europe

16.6 %

In America

18.9 %

In Asia

23.7 %

The human resources policy missions

  • Listening to employees and boosting their level of commitment
  • Promoting employee development
  • Nourishing the Group’s multicultural identity and promoting diversity
  • Enhancing the feeling of belonging
  • Maintaining an ambitious social dialogue

Your development

Thibaut De Noray

Talent Management

Talent Management has a two-pronged role: to supervise and harmonize all strategic recruitment for the Group from the Management Committee to key positions, and to coordinate the in-house Talent community for which career paths are being built.

Rémy Cointreau has opted to go and meet each and every one of its Talents, regardless of their status or area of activity. The key point is to gain a holistic sense of a person through a proper discussion of what motivates them, their ambitions and their potential for development. It is the Group’s desire to guide them and help them fulfill their career potential, while respecting their challenges and personal environment. It is important to lay the foundations for a sincere and authentic relationship in line with the Group’s philosophy, and of maximum benefit to everyone involved.

So priority is given to internal transfers, whenever there is a position to fill. Instead of resorting to external firms, the group now does most of its recruitment itself, and is, thus, able to explore the values and personal qualities of the new arrivals. As a result, a number of hirings and internal transfers have been directly coordinated by this new management structure, from China to the USA.

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