Thibaut de NorayGlobal Talent Development Director


In brief

Working for Rémy Cointreau since January 2013
Current position: Talent Development Director
Based in Paris
What is the Talent Development Department role?
Rémy Cointreau places people at the heart of its actions and strives, beyond words, to bring this conviction to life in a concrete and tangible manner throughout the world. I am fortunate enough to oversee the Global Talent Development Department. The role of my team is to detect, recruit and support people who are likely to take on key roles in the company.

Who we are looking for to join the team

What are the profiles that Rémy Cointreau is looking for?
We are looking for that extra bit of soul: that kind of spark that embellishes the relationship with others and the ability to fit into one’s professional environment. We are particularly interested in committed and sincere personalities who have the desire to share their energy, to move forward and contribute to the company in a complementary and enthusiastic way.

What are the key professional or soft skills required?
We appreciate the humility of those who can achieve great things, while giving the impression that their contribution is minimal compared to that of their team-mates.
We are also impressed by people who dare to discover, to create, to trace new paths and to open more doors.
We are thankful for the positive minds that bring solutions with spirit.
We love people who do not cheat and who work with sincerity and share their convictions.

On the contrary, what profile should not bother sending an application?
The over-confident “super performers” with already so many stunning achievements that we wonder how we have managed to do without them for decades ?

The recruitment process

A little insight into the recruitment process?
I see it as an encounter that invites our future collaborators to project themselves into the next chapter we are writing. Personality is key because the group pays great importance to being able to include newcomers on the long-term. Our interviews place great emphasis on interpersonal skills.

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What is the best way for a candidate to be ready for those interviews?

A healthy and dynamic motivation, a zest of humor and passion and a lot of determination should allow you to get along with your interlocutors anywhere in the world.

According to you, why should a candidate join Rémy Cointreau?
Rémy Cointreau is a family-owned group that promotes beautiful human experiences and brands that are several hundred years old. There is a true respect for people; everyone is encouraged to reveal their potential without being confined into a single pattern. We enjoy talking about our exceptional brands and houses beyond our borders and are proud to belong to one and the same team, respectful of our heritage and resolutely committed to innovation in order to pursue our path over time.