Paris EstigarribiaSenior IT Manager


The position of Senior IT Manager

What does your role as Sr. IT Manager entail?
As a Sr. IT manager, I provide guidance to my direct reports, ensuring clarity around priorities and goals for the entire functional area. I also manage requests for investment to a certain level of authority.

What are your daily missions?
My daily mission is to coordinate, plan, and lead computer and network-related activities in our organization. I must make sure that all employees are able to work on-site or remotely with full access to the corporate resources. We also monitor the servers performance, the integrity and security of our network, deploy laptops, mobile devices, monitor the proper access to our corporate applications and, but not limited to, keep accurate IT related equipment inventory.

How is your team structured?
I report to Thibaut Aleksanderek who is the IT Director for RCUSA/Americas, and I directly manage the on-site support technician in the NYC office and coordinate the requests sent to the remote support team with our external IT partner.

The impact of the pandemic

How has your job been affected by the pandemic?
The pandemic had significant impact on all IT related roles, for the workspace specifically, on the first few months our workflow increased close to 50%. A considerable number of extra requests were generated while users were adapting to the new remote work environment.

Working from home: how does the IT team manage to support employees remotely?
The solution adopted by the company to manage the remote access to our network facilitated the way we interact and support the users. Even working from home, the IT team was  able to support the users and avoid any service interruption. The only time that we need to go to the office is to support/maintenance of the office infra-structure.

What has been the biggest challenge and learning from this period?
The biggest challenge faced was to deploy the new VPN solution in less than 5 days, and get in record time full cooperation and engagement from all users; also to support users in a timely manner to avoid any service disruption, the working hours had to be more flexible to attend users on different time zones.

We learned that during this difficult times, providing outstanding service may not be enough: every time we contact a coworker to work on a request, we take the time to listen to them, show empathy and share experiences. It makes everyone’s day better.

Joining Rémy Cointreau

What made you want to join the company?
I was working for IBM before, but I applied for the position at Rémy because I could I foresee a brighter future professionally, a tangible opportunity to grow in a stable, profitable, and renowned institution.

What do you feel makes Rémy Cointreau special?

RC is special not only because of the success of its products: it’s because of extremely competent people working hard for the company success. Consequentially the company success reflects on a healthy and collaborative working environment like no one I’ve worked before. Today I can assure the choice of joining Remy was the best in my career.

Any insight for a future candidate?
Being part of a successful organization, with tradition, amazing products, and plenty of learning and career opportunities. Joining the IT team is a career changing opportunity, the team is vibrant, skilled and engaged in results.