Marie VallezTalent Projects Officer



Talent Project Development: what is it?

Our role is to support Rémy Cointreau employees throughout their career with us (from Paris to Shanghai, Seattle or Islay). We try to “break the silos” to the maximum, and to propose the best possible opportunities, according to each profile. That’s why, for us, changing jobs is possible, if we can prepare and accompany the person in due time.

We work globally with all Group entities. That is why it is essential to create proximity and to travel to our different offices to meet employees. This is the essence of our business. It is by exchanging with people and HR teams (of sites and subsidiaries) that opportunities are created.

We are also an open door where speech is free, and we ensure individual accompaniment in great confidentiality.


Why do we talk about the uniqueness of Rémy Cointreau’s unique Talent Management?

Our specificity: to be a sole actor, outside of traditional hierarchical schemas.

We are a Group whose size facilitates mobility at the global level. It is an authority on which we must continue to capitalize.

Of course, we work closely with Human Resources, but within the Talent team, we work on the individual part, while the HR team has the collective strategy in its scope. We also do not manage personnel administration or remuneration. The freedom that we enjoy allows us to offer careers trajectories “off the beaten track.”


What do you find exceptional in your work?

It is to dare to project people. It is to be able to say, for example: “This person is still young in the organization but in X years, if we train and accompany them, they will be able to obtain a strategic position.”

It is a true gift to be able to do this … and to say that no day is alike!

Accompanying employees is a real challenge on a daily basis because many variables come into play. This is why we remain very humble in our approach and appreciate every “victory,” such as our recognition in L’Étudiant, a French publication that recognized Rémy Cointreau as the No. 4 most “trainee- and apprentice-friendly” company in France. This makes us want to continue to outdo ourselves and make Rémy Cointreau attractive, especially to young people.

Because when it comes to coaching our employees, it starts with accompanying our trainees and alternates, all the way to our Executive Committee members.


What issues do you see in Talent Management?

We meet a lot of different profiles: That’s what makes our business so rich. The challenge for us is to not only attract technical skills for a job. What makes the difference is the “fit” that a person has with the values of the company, the teams: the human aspect.

This is a real issue to keep in mind, as many candidates tell us that the work environment and corporate values make the difference when choosing a position.

Being part of the famous “Generation Y,” I think we also have, contrary to popular belief, a real need to a company and a real desire to find meaning in our position / our company. We seek to project ourselves into a company in which it is possible to renew ourselves.


What is the Rémy Cointreau culture, according to you?

Kindness is what struck me when I arrived almost three years ago. We feel an authentic desire to move forward together, to capitalize on the family aspect of Rémy Cointreau. It is also a company that allows you to change roles, as long as you are curious, agile and ready to question yourself.


What are you looking for in Rémy Cointreau candidates?

We are looking for people who have potential, but who have, above all, this human quality: this desire to work together, to carry on long-term projects.

People are looking for authenticity; this is also our case! That’s why we go to the max with our candidates, and interviews become a real exchange.


Your favorite cocktail?  

The Rémy Cointreau portfolio is exceptional overall, although I have a slight preference for the B & T, The Botanist gin & tonic, because it’s a cocktail that I love and because I fell in love with Islay: It’s an amazing site; people are hospitable, passionate, and, for me, it’s a timeless experience every time you go there.