Antoine TeillardThe Botanist and St-Rémy Brand Manager


The VIE (international corporate volunteering) enables young people aged 18 to 28 to work abroad in a French company.The contract lasts between 6 and 24 months and can be renewed one time for a maximum of 2 years.

Why did you do a V.I.E?
I’m always looking for new challenges and to push boundaries. London is a great place to work and has the benefit of being close to my family and friends in France.

How did your V.I.E evolve into a full-time role?
I started working for Rémy Cointreau UK (RCUK) with a one-year V.I.E contract, which was then extended to two. I have learned a lot over these past two years and have taken on more responsibility. After one-year, I was given the opportunity to work for St-Rémy, the No. 1 French brandy, which is gaining popularity in the UK. Last month, RCUK offered me a full-time contract.

Why marketing?
Marketing is an exciting field that allows you to use your creativity to guide brands. I also love managing partnerships and events, which allow you to reach your more clients. Working for vibrant brands such as The Botanist and St-Rémy puts you in contact with talented people on various creative projects and collaborations.

Why spirits?
Wines and spirits link people and are part of the French culture representing our terroir and savoir-faire.

What is unique about your role?
Working for PHD, Progressive Hebridean Distillers (Bruichladdich, Octomore, Port Charlotte and The Botanist), is unique, as the brands share a true ethos and strong values.

Since his testimonial, Antoine has been hired by Rémy Cointreau. He worked as Brand Manager for LOUIS XIII for a short-term contract before signing his permanent contract as Senior Global Brand Manager – Rémy Martin Americas & Europe, based in Paris.