Cécile RoudautSt-Rémy Master Blender



Where does your inspiration come from for this new St-Rémy “Cask Finish Collection”?

Recently, there has been a trend to add an additional aging step, in casks of wine or spirits. I was convinced that our brandy St-Rémy, which is a very versatile product, was perfectly adapted to play on different aromatic expressions. So, I wanted to try. For this we bought several barrels, in Bourgogne at first to create the first edition, the Chardonnay Cask Finish. It was a wonderful surprise. During its finish in barrels, we found a brandy St-Rémy with notes of citrus, brioche, and vanilla. Some stimulating notes. Thus, we find the notes of Chardonnay. The consumer really meets its expectations between what the product label says and the taste of the product itself: a St-Rémy brandy with a Chardonnay twist.

We were then able to obtain barrels of rum from Barbados. When we tasted this brandy in these casks it was a revelation. A combination that delivers a fantastic balance. Then followed the edition with a finish in Scotch Whiskey casks from the Isle of Islay, an excellent result that we were obliged to share with fans, despite a very limited amount. This is an original combination, with smoky and peaty notes and the presence of iodized marine spray. There we find the footprint of Islay Scotch Whiskey applied to our brandy St-Rémy.

Where can we find the different editions of the Cask finish collections?

Since July, you can find Barbados Dark Rum Cask Finish in Canada and Islay Scotch Whiskey Cask Finish in Global Travel Retail. Since this month, I also invite you to discover the Cabernet Sauvignon edition, with notes of red fruits, fresh butter and ginger. You can find it in Global Travel Retail in China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Russia and Canada.

 What is your favorite Cask finish?

They are all excellent, but I have a preference for the Barbados Dark Rum Finish, which I think is really amazing. It obviously depends on the tastes, others will prefer a different finish.