Alix de BoissetSenior Communications Manager



Why did you join our Group?
Rémy Cointreau’s values correspond with my personal aspirations, and the portfolio of brands, to me, seems emblematic of the influence of French savoir-faire. Joining the Group enabled me to live in daily fascination: Spirits are luxury products while remaining the fruit of terroir and a work of excellence. You’ll find “spirits” in the word “spiritual,” and there is a form of spirituality in this savoir-faire. Like the cathedrals of the Middle Ages, it is felt in the cellars: The silence collected from those who have dedicated their lives to this work continues. Rémy Martin’s spirits abolish any form of temporality: The past, the present and the future combine in one and the same space/time.

Your goals and responsibilities as Senior International Communications Manager for Rémy Martin?
My role is to manage international communication and digital topics for Rémy Martin. I manage a team of four people in Paris, and collaborate closely with the markets. I could say that my goal is to translate any brand communication project in a strategic, global framework, as well as to instill a mythical character in Rémy Martin by adopting luxury strategies, while using the power of digital as a vector, and working in a central role as “guardian of the temple.”

What is at stake in modern communication for a brand with such profound history?
The challenge is the same for any brand that inherits a rich past and a unique savoir-faire: deciding how to properly highlight the value of its history and founding myths, which all fit into their proper time period, while proving their ability to renew themselves. The “heritage” must play a vessel-type role, and digital communication evangelizes target communities into the DNA of the brand and the quality of its spirits. On this subject, it is amusing (and paradoxical) to note that digital is, in itself, the theater of the ephemeral, so the whole goal of our speech will be to daily reinforce the messages communicated by the brand to find the right balance between use and image: a problem well known to luxury brands …

What can you share about the new Instagram / digital strategy at Rémy Martin?
The digital strategy that we are applying strives to link all news, launches, and content creation in a global brand communication strategy. This will allow us to weave an editorial ecosystem, in which “central” brings together, or federates, in permanent collaboration with the markets. Indeed, any content creation and distribution must follow a strategic framework in which digital media must fully play its role. Therefore, the digital strategy can take place in all its exponential and universal dimensions: the website, the media, CRM, E-retail, E-commerce, Innovation (…) to play a tactical role based on a solid and consistent foundation. Regarding the international Instagram account (released in June 2018), it must play both an international image and recruitment role. The goal is being able to talk about Rémy Martin in its absolute dimension and no longer only in relation to its products, with an aim to more closely serve the markets.

You are based in Paris: Do you travel often for Rémy Martin? If so, to which destinations and for what purposes?
I often travel where everything starts: Cognac. These trips are essential, not to mention a true pleasure, to see and review the House teams. It seems fundamental to me to remain humble and faithful to our heritage, our terroir and our spirit: They are in Cognac. It is a form of tribute to this place of origin that guides me in all projects I lead, with a feeling of belonging to a family that shares a common ground. Beyond Cognac, I have many trips abroad. It is necessary to go on site to understand the specificity and stakes of each market in a charged, competitive landscape. My missions vary according to the trip: They can concern market visits, project monitoring, collaborations, activations, events, etc.

Exceptional aspects about working with Rémy Martin?
It is a story with great history—at a level that is in constant demand—exemplified by humble and passionate men: a family spirit with genuine authenticity. And it is an exceptional spirit that brings us together in Boileau’s metaphorical way: in unity with time, place and action!

Lesser-known facts about cognac?
I was amused by some offbeat uses of cognac, such the fact that cognac has been used as a mode of conservation since the late 18th century. Frédéric Chopin’s heart has been preserved at the Sainte-Croix-de-Warsaw cathedral in cognac for nearly 170 years!

What’s next for Rémy Martin?
Working hand-in-hand with my team and the Rémy Martin teams at large, it is to respond to brand goals with transparency in a good frame of mind—where pressure must never exclude humor! You have to know how to laugh at everything and especially at yourself: It’s the secret for a lot of things, in fact.

You were a jurist before joining us?
The theory of law has always fascinated me because it is at the intersection of history, sociology and philosophy. But highly involved in the artistic world through Conservatory studies, I was able to associate law and art when specializing in intellectual property. After working as a jurist in the audiovisual industry, I found the practice quite deceptive. Research interests me more than practice. I bounced back and found my niche by joining the first digital team at Vivendi, creating their digital editorial department, which required strong legal knowledge. I grew my skills for four years, working on exciting topics in communication, digital, CRM and digital marketing. Then, I joined Dior Couture as the Director of Communication & Digital for 4 years, before joining JM Weston for a similar period, in charge of communication and digital strategy.

Since her testimonial, Alix has become LOUIS XIII Global Communications Director.