Abbie MiaoManagement Trainee, Liqueurs and Spirits


In brief

Working for Rémy Cointreau since: April 2019
Current position: Management Trainee for Liqueurs and Spirits Team in China
3 skills to be successful at your position: establishing and updating working logic; time management and work priority; efficient communication skills for different channels

Abbie’s testimonial

Why did you join Rémy Cointreau China Liqueurs and Spirits Business Team?
After graduation from high school, I wanted to see the outside world so I decided to study accounting in Canada. During the four years I spent at university, I also invested myself in university clubs, organizing and promoting various campus activities. I made a very good result! That was my dream to work with people doing interesting and meaningful things. After graduation, I decided to go back to China and start working. I found out that I didn’t truly want to be an accountant but want to do marketing in the future. Now, I work in China Liqueurs and Spirits Business Team and follow my line manager Bianca to do trade marketing job.

How was your onboarding? How do you feel in the team?
I am particularly grateful to our HR team and my line manager Bianca. The HR team organized training sessions to every management trainees about Cross Department Collaboration and Effective Communication for first week orientation. It was really helpful. My line manager Bianca patiently guided me on how to deal with my routine work. She is one of the most significant mentors in my work and influences me a lot.

I love my team. It is positive, open-minded and full of energy, giving me many opportunities and an unlimited space to grow. I feel so happy that my first job is in Rémy Cointreau!

What does your job entail?
I participated in the execution of many activities, such as the 2019 Shanghai Whisky L Exhibition, the Cointreau queen guest bartending activities with Soho music restaurant, the cocktail class of our brands in Ole supermarket, Metaxa food pairing promotion, the Cointreau cocktail take-away program during the epidemic period, and the recent trade promotion of Botanist Gin and Tonic… Besides planning those types of events, I was also responsible for the production of points of sale materials, marketing budget, monthly report and so on. My goal is to become the clearest participant and recorder of each project. Of course, as a benefit, there is also the opportunity to get close to the best bartenders in the country.

As a Management Trainee, you need support and help from your manager, but also autonomy and trust to learn as much as possible. How do you feel about this balance?
My manager Bianca gives me a lot of help and trust. As a new graduate, I need to establish my working logic and build the sense of propriety. When I face difficulty, she always points out the right direction for me. Trade marketing job involves a lot of aspects. My manager taught me a lot about those various aspects in my first year but she also encourages me to come up with my own ideas. I feel so excited when I put my ideas into effect! Other managers, such as Cherie and Yuxi, also kindly help me and inspire me. I really appreciate their support and trust. I have met leaders who are avant-garde thinkers, fair, tolerant and responsible mentors, cooperative and patient colleagues. So, I believe that the important thing is to stick to your dream and make it come true!

Best advice you have been given?
I remember that during my interview, Carol told me, “there are many projects in our team. The process may be tedious and stressful. You cannot just keep a grudge because of one mistake and feel like you have failed and lose confidence. You must focus on the current and future projects and do the current thing well.”

What’s next for you?
My goal is to become an outstanding brand activation specialist in next three years. I love trade marketing. I hope to keep bringing differences to people because of the things we do.