Nicole Lim- RC

Nicole LimDirector, General Accounting


In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: July 2008
Current position: Director, General Accounting
Based in: New York, USA
3 key skills to work in your team: Self-motivated, Team-player who can also work independently, and Problem Solver.

Your position as a Director, General Accounting

What does your role as Director, General Accounting entail?
I am responsible for Month-End Close/Group Reporting for Rémy Cointreau USA and the Half & Year-End Audit by our External Auditors (PwC). I am also responsible for the Financial Planning & Analysis of the Distribution Costs in the Americas as well as the Logistic costs in the US.
My missions and objective are to ensure that we have the adequate processes and procedures in our organization to be able to report accurate and complete financial information to the US Brands Teams and Local Management as well as to Rémy Cointreau Corporate Team.

How is your team structured?
I have a lean team that accomplishes so much! For Month-End Close/Group Reporting/Audit I have Candice Taylor (Senior Manager, General Accounting) and Kelley Wu (Senior Accountant) leading this area. For Financial Planning & Analysis of Americas Distribution Costs, I have Brenda Murray (Senior Financial Analyst) working with me on the Distribution Costs in the US. I am so grateful to have a committed and enthusiastic team by my side.

What do you like most about your work?
I enjoy learning about the business, the people that I work with, and our brands. In this type of position, we are somehow always involved in the implementation of most of the business decisions (changes in the route to market, introduction of a new product line like accessories). Over the past two years, I also particularly enjoyed being part of our SAP system transformation project team. Though it was extremely challenging due to covid and the tight schedule, we made it possible with my US colleagues from Finance, Operations and IT, and with the support of the Central IT team.

Your journey within Rémy Cointreau

Can you tell us about the major milestones of the 14 years you spent at Rémy Cointreau? What has made you eager to stay with us?
After a few years at KPMG as an Auditor in Vancouver (born and raised in Canada), I moved to the US and started my career at Rémy Cointreau USA as the Internal Audit Manager. After a year in the role, I had the opportunity to move to General Accounting where my career progressed from Manager to Senior Manager, and to my current role as Director. Within the 14 years at Rémy Cointreau I have had a lot of opportunities to learn about the business and to grow in my technical and managerial skillsets. The encouragement and support from my managers and my team has contributed to my continuous interest to learn and grow at Rémy Cointreau.

In 10+ years time, have you noticed any deep changes in how the Group functions?
We are definitely becoming a more global company. For me, this has been most noticeable with the implementation of our global SAP system. Being on such a global SAP system has allowed for more efficiency, sharing of knowledge and support from the global community.

If you had to sum up your Rémy Cointreau experience in one sentence, what would it be?
It is very rewarding to work at Rémy Cointreau – You work hard, you learn a lot, and you do this with a great team and great brands.