Laurent CossonBrand Director, LOUIS XIII Americas



Career path at Rémy Cointreau

How did you join the Rémy Cointreau Group?
I sent my résumé to various agencies in Canada, where I was living at the time, and found an opportunity with a former distribution partner of Rémy Cointreau, with whom I worked in Canada, and then in Amsterdam, before officially joining the Rémy Cointreau Group in Paris.

Your roles with Rémy Cointreau?
I started in Global Travel Retail before becoming Mount Gay’s Global Business Development Director. I spent a year working on building a new brand strategy, reviewing our packaging, according to our revised positioning and client target. Then, I worked with markets to implement it, developing client relations, sharing our new brand universe and message…

After four years, I was asked if I could do what I had done with Mount Gay Rum for St-Rémy brandy, and I gladly accepted. I worked on a rebranding strategy for St-Rémy French brandy for two years, and then I was offered the LOUIS XIII Brand Director position in New York City, my current role, which entailed numerous opportunities: a fresh, young team, plus a brand-new strategy to execute. Today, my goal is to empower the young people on my team.

What distinguishes Rémy Cointreau as an employer?
It’s a Group that provides people with lots of opportunities. The door always seems to open at the right time. They truly believe in the value and the power of people, as well as putting together a great team. You can take initiatives on your own, yet you are never alone. We’re lucky to be able to reach out to the Human Resources teams when we want a change. “You have an idea, a project? OK, let’s go!”

Therefore, in 15 years, I have never been bored! A new challenge always comes in at the right time, with new teams, inside new structures, which I really appreciated. I have been trusted with various positions, in different countries. Everyone can really accomplish their ambition.

Advice to those considering joining Rémy Cointreau?
After many years, I still feel this incredible passion. Thanks to the Hériard Dubreuil family, there is a true family spirit and great history here. We are just passing through; our role is to continue a story, a legacy. We have a truly unique opportunity to work with magnificent products that require an enormous amount of time and craftsmanship, or savoir-faire. We’re not constrained in this Group, so don’t hesitate to express your desires. You must believe in opportunities.

Working in the field of exceptional spirits

Your foray into wine and spirits?
Everything began in Champagne, France, where I was born. I discovered very young that the world of wine and spirits was a magnificent universe composed of passionate people; it was also a field in which France had a particularly important role to play. I thought it would be truly fabulous to work in the industry, considering all the people you’d meet.

Did you always want to work in spirits?
Initially, I wanted to be a diplomat. I also considered finance and economics. I worked in video games, but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I wanted to work with people, not avatars. So, I started to ask myself: “What do I like to do?” “What do I like?” The answer was: Watches, wine and spirits…

What distinguishes Rémy Cointreau’s spirits?
Our spirits take time. LOUIS XIII is, of course, a prime example with “THINK A CENTURY AHEAD.” If you look to Mount Gay, the tagline was “It’s ready when it’s ready, not before,” and now it is “Time well spent” (from 2020, the tagline is More Than A Rum, ed. note)… This sums it up nicely. The phrase “It’s ready when it’s ready, not before” was not invented by a marketing team: It is what Allan Smith, our Master Blender, told us. We were eager to launch, and he said, “It’s ready when it’s ready, not before.” And for me, they entail true passion: We have to want to talk about them.

Since his testimonial, Laurent has been appointed Global Brand Director for Mount Gay Rum, based in Barbados.