Sustainable exception

Our CSR Manifesto

At Rémy Cointreau, our story is one of transmission. For the last 300 years, we have embraced our role as guardians, passing our know-how, terroirs and vision on to the next generation.

Our family company has been planning our next century, for centuries. For this reason, sustainability is not a concept for us. It is rooted in existential and daily actions.

Rémy Cointreau, built on generations, for generations.

Because climate change impacts the very existence of our terroirs
we commit with winemakers and farmers to deploy agroecological farming practices that not only increase soil resilience, but make a positive climate and biodiversity impact.

Because together, making a difference is possible
Rémy Cointreau is a company, for sure. But more importantly, we are a united and inclusive community of women and men. All of us are driven by the desire to commit together as employees, but also to stand as unwavering partners: from our agricultural suppliers to our bartenders.

Because positive change needs time
Only by embracing the true pace of nature can we bring life to the most iconic spirits, while safeguarding resources and passing on our know-know to the future generation, in all its integrity.

At Rémy Cointreau, we believe that making exceptional wines and spirits means setting example, with sincerity and transparency, from more responsible environmental practices all the way to responsible consumption. To pass on and to lead the way.

This is what The Sustainable Exception is all about.

Our challenges

Rémy Cointreau’s CSR ambitions are structured around 10 Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDGs) as defined by the UN.

Preserving our Terroirs Our soils can be part of the solution against climate change


Every Rémy Cointreau product is the expression of its terroir: the unique soils, climate, and biodiversity of a region. We are determined to protect the uniqueness of our terroirs against the threat of climate change, so that the skills and traditions built up over generations to make exceptional champagnes and spirits for our clients can be perpetuated.

To achieve that, we want to be a pioneer in the agroecological transformation of our territories, working alongside our local communities to promote regenerative agriculture practices. Healthy soils, with flourishing biodiversity are more resilient and can act as powerful carbon sinks: our soils can be part of the solution in the fight against climate change.

  • Accelerate the agroecological transition on a territorial scale
  • Promote our soils as carbon sinks in the fight against global warming
  • Invest in research and development to preserve our terroirs and their singularity

Acting for our PEOPLE and our communities Because a sustainable transformation can only be achieved together


Rémy Cointreau is a family company. We want to be a respectful community of employees and employers united around the values of humanity, sincerity, and excellence upon which we have built our business for centuries.

We are also rooted in our desire to share our company’s values and its value with our partners – from farmers to bartenders – who help craft our products and take them from field to glass. We will always encourage responsible consumption to our customers, for whom our products should play a positive role at the special times in their lives. Because our sustainable transformation can only be achieved together, we want to stand by our communities and lead the way.

  • Ensure responsible, committed, and exemplary governance at all levels of the company
  • Guarantee well-being in the workplace and promote the diversity of teams for greater richness and creativity
  • Ensure the transmission of our ancestral know-how and develop a learning culture among our employees
  • Promote ethical and responsible consumption and communication
  • Engage with our partners and communities to share our values and our value creation

Committing through Time Because the planet cannot wait, we are already contributing to Group’s Carbon neutrality, while investing to reduce our environmental footprint


We are collectively striving to minimize our environmental footprint along with our partners, with the aim of halving our carbon emissions per bottle by 2030 and reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. We are gradually switching to renewable energies across all our production sites, optimizing transportation routes and rethinking the ecodesign and consumption modes of our products to be as circular as possible.

While we are investing in mid-term solutions which could limit our environmental impact all along our value chain, we also know the planet cannot wait. Change takes time and everything we do now will have an impact tomorrow. We are therefore committed to carrying out climate actions to offset our annual carbon emissions and thus contribute to the Group’s Carbon Neutrality. We are determined to protect the work of centuries for the centuries to come.

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities (carbon and water) and aim for Net Zero
  • Carry out climate actions to offset the group’s residual emissions and thus contribute to its Carbon Neutrality