Jennifer RomanczukAssociate General Counsel, Rémy Cointreau USA


Prior to joining RC USA in August of 2011, I worked as an attorney doing corporate litigation. The company culture is almost completely opposite to the law firm. Employees are happy, energetic, and most importantly, fulfilled. It was obvious from my first day that the employees felt valued. I am surrounded by bright, intelligent, hard-working and truly supportive peers.

I am part of a company that not only makes efforts to engage its employees, but it also constantly seeks to provide a work atmosphere where we can better ourselves professionally through training and seminars.

There is a beautiful sense of balance here. The employees work hard, and are truly committed to achievement in their careers. At the same time, employees are provided with the opportunity to seek gratification in their personal lives, as well. As the Associate General Counsel of the company, I believe this healthy and thriving atmosphere is a trickle-down effect from our EMT.