Timothee MemmiSenior Brand Director, US



How did you find Rémy Cointreau?

I was working at a strategy consultancy, and Rémy Cointreau was our client. I built relationships within the firm through a number of projects, and eventually joined the organization to lead Client Insights for the Americas.

I was drawn to Rémy Cointreau because of the brands—which have authenticity and heritage and are incredibly aspirational. I was also attracted to the Group’s culturally diverse environment. I knew that working at Rémy Cointreau would give me a chance to collaborate with people from around the world who could teach me new perspectives.

My initial role was also very compelling. I supported the company’s agenda to become more client-centric. I worked on fascinating projects, exploring why people choose our brands, and how that understanding can help develop innovative marketing programs that are meaningful and sustainable.

Can you please describe your transition from Strategy and Insights to Senior Brand Director for Rémy Martin?
As a Senior Brand Director, I now have the opportunity to develop my operational skills, use my creativity, and continue to improve as a manager. With this transition, my career is taking a new and exciting turn, for which I am incredibly grateful. I see this evolution as a testament to the organization’s commitment to the growth of its employees.

What do you find most unique about working in spirits?
The spirits industry is incredibly innovative because it is social and experiential. To compete, brands need to constantly reinvent the experience people have with their products—how they make them look, feel, and connect with others. Spirits marketers capture value in the market through creativity and storytelling at a much greater rate than in other categories, and through a wider range of touch points—from the store shelf to the back bar, tasting events, staff trainings, public relations, packaging, and advertising. In other words, a marketer’s dream!

What attracted you to the type of work you do now?
A year into my first job at Rémy Cointreau, I took a trip to Cognac to visit the House of Rémy Martin. I was blown away by everyone I met there, the richness of the heritage, the beauty of the terroir, and the traditional craft used to make our spirits. To me, working in brand management is about sharing that emotion with the world.

In my new role, I now work with the amazing people from our field and sales organizations, which is one of my favorite parts of the job. They are the ones who build Rémy Martin in the markets, and I want to support them with powerful stories that resonate with our customers and clients.

What can you share about working with the cognac brand Rémy Martin?
Rémy Martin is a true institution in luxury. It has a very long and rich history and is loved by people all around the world. That’s why working with the brand is very humbling. This is particularly true in the US, where Rémy Martin is a million-case brand that’s growing rapidly. In our market, the brand is an integral part of culture. It inspires some of the most influential artists—chefs, actors, designers, musicians, DJs, mixologists—across many communities. There are endless opportunities for smart marketing that calls attention to our message and educates clients about the superiority of our spirits.

&Favorite way to drink Rémy Martin and why?
I usually drink 1738 on the rocks. It’s so smooth that it doesn’t need a mixer.

Your best professional memory?
Walking barefoot through the desert in Dubai to a luxurious dinner under the stars. I know it sounds more like a dream, but I promise you: It was a work event!

What do you feel distinguishes Rémy Cointreau as an employer?
Rémy Cointreau is on a transformational journey that’s visionary and disruptive, which makes us a unique player in the industry. Instead of focusing solely on the quantity of products sold, our aim is to create value in the market by emphasizing and protecting the unique heritage of our brands, by never compromising on quality, and by setting ambitious sustainability goals for ourselves and our partners. Working at Rémy Cointreau means contributing to this journey, which is why everyone you’ll meet here shares such a strong sense of purpose.


Please drink responsibly.