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09.18.2018 – updated on 07.28.2020


Thinking of doing a V.I.E? Watch and learn about the experience of Paul Delvert, Junior International Brand Manager for the House of Metaxa, who did a V.I.E in Brussels, Belgium, before being offered a full-time job with us in Geneva.

Why did you decide to do a V.I.E?
After high school, I spent the last six years to travel and explore the world for both life and work experience. I studied in Montreal. Then, I went to an exchange program in Madrid. Finally, I did several internships in both London and Paris. So, to me, it was 100% natural to apply for the V.I.E program in order to kick-off my career. The benefits are quite concrete. You get life and work experience abroad. You also open your mind and really broaden your horizons.

What kind of responsibilities do you have in your role?
At METAXA, we have a strong upscaling strategy with geographical expansion targets. I directly support the Brand Marketing Director. To do so, my first mission is to propose, develop and execute all the promopacks also the POSM catalog. I also support developing the METAXA collection, our portfolio, and help build the data analysis and market studies. Finally, I get involved in many brand projects and their coordination.

What skills do you need to work for Rémy Cointreau?
Through my mission and tasks, I can express three things. My passion for the wine and spirits industry. My business-oriented mindset, and finally, my creativity.  If you want to be a part of Rémy Cointreau and join us, you will need to multi-task and show a large range of skills, such as agility, enthusiasm, creativity, be open-minded and show some trust.

Starting a career at Rémy Cointreau

After the V.I.E, you were offered a full-time job at METAXA, in Geneva. How did that happen and what was your reaction?
After two years of V.I.E, I was offered to follow the team in the moving from Brussels to Geneva, with a permanent contract as International Brand Manager. I was very excited for this one-of-a-kind journey! A new experience abroad with more responsibilities and the opportunity to continue working on a brand I am passionate about.

Can you tell us about your current role? Did the V.I.E experience help you onboard?
Today; in addition of my previous missions, I am responsible of developing the METAXA collection and the new product offer: from generating the initial concept, to the creation process with the design agency or artist, to supporting of the development process and finally coordinating the launch worldwide. The V.I.E gave me a great understanding of the METAXA’s DNA, objectives and clients and I have been able to get a good overview of the new product development process. Every day that really help me to propose strong concepts and offers, such as launching new artistic collaboration, developing high end luxury offer and renewing the value-added pack offer.

After nearly three years with us, are you happy with the responsibilities you took on? Do you feel that relatively new collaborators can easily find their place?
To me, the V.I.E was a great experience to grow up both professionally and personally. It is the best step in between an end of study internship and a permanent contract to find a thrilling job and sign for fulfilling adventures. I had the opportunity to develop my hard skills and knowledge of the wines and spirit industry; and at the same time, capitalize on my soft skills by broadening my horizons with an international experience. After these three amazing years, I would definitely recommend doing a V.I.E for young professional willing to kick off their career and get out the beaten tracks.

What would you say to someone considering joining Rémy Cointreau?
Joining Rémy Cointreau is the best opportunity to get a strong position, but also work as an entrepreneur and be a real team player. As we say at METAXA, we don’t drink. We explore. So, do not fear to leave your comfort zone and embark on an amazing, international journey.

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