Mikhail KalachevPHD Brand Manager in Moscow



“There are even memes about how the work of Brand Ambassador is perceived from the outside.” Get the inside scoop on what this role is really like from Mikhail Kalachev, PHD Brand Manager in Moscow.


What is unique about the Russian market for Bruichladdich and The Botanist gin?

First of all, Russia is a very big country! It is difficult to talk about the whole country, because each different part has its specificities. Bruichladdich is growing steadily, but the “gin revolution” has not yet reached us, so The Botanist, as the whole gin category, remains a pretty niche product. In addition, the peculiarity of the market is that the main consumption of alcohol takes place at home, as people visit restaurants and bars infrequently.


What does a typical week look like for you?

Since my position is combined—brand manager for Russia as well as covering the entire zone in the role of ambassador—my typical week is split between administrative tasks, even if I’m on a business trip, and trainings, tastings and partner events where I represent PHD brands: Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte, Octomore and The Botanist.


Biggest misconception about your role?

There are even memes (a typically humorous or parodical image, video or text rapidly circulated by Internet users) about how the work of an ambassador is perceived from the outside. Of course, behind the public attractive side of the work is a huge amount of planning, long flights and an unpredictable daily rhythm.


Most challenging aspect of being a Brand Ambassador?

Finding a balance between my favorite job and time for my family.


What do you find most unique about your role?

Only a person who loves and believes in a brand can work as a ambassador, otherwise, deception will be felt from afar.


Why spirits?

Quality premium alcoholic beverages are created so that people get pleasure from them and have a new experience. What can be better than to please and surprise people?


Why Rémy Cointreau?

I feel the spirit of the family business in Rémy Cointreau, and I feel that my part of the work is important for the business.


Your favorite places to go out in Moscow?

Whisky Rooms – delightful atmosphere and an incredible selection of whisky.

Noor bar – great cocktails, service and hospitality.


Your favorite cocktail? Why?

Scotch and soda: I like simple drinks where you can taste the base spirit.


Proudest professional accomplishment?

Last year, I entered the top three of the best brand ambassadors in Russia, which is certainly nice. But, for me, a more valuable achievement is when, after presentation or dinner with Bruichladdich, I am invited to hold such an event again.


When you’re not working, where can we find you? 

Playing in the playground with my son.