Luana CabezasSouth of Western Europe Director – LOUIS XIII



In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: April 2018
Current position: South of Western Europe Director – LOUIS XIII
Based in: Geneva, Switzerland
3 skills to work in your team: communication skills, ability to federate, know how to adapt… be a « chameleon »!

Your position as a south western europe director

What does your job involve on a daily basis?
I guide and support the field work of the distributors in my markets. We establish a sales and marketing strategy with the distributors of each market and I make sure that it is applied on a daily basis. LOUIS XIII is a brand that requires a lot of attention and must be managed in the smallest details; from the prospecting of a customer to the delivery of the decanter, everything must be perfect and irreproachable because the expectations of our customers are high. This requires a daily interaction with the distributors and their sales teams, regular visits in order to keep a close link with them, which inevitably leads to a sense of belonging to the brand.
My objectives? Assist the distributor and its sales team in order to reach the set annual sales volume, to develop brand awareness and to know our final customers in person. Making sure that everyone takes care of the brand the way as I would do personally is my priority!

What are the specificities of your market area: Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal?
These countries are both very similar and different from each other. There is a strong “aperitif” culture with their own local customs. They are sunny countries where community life is deeply developed. Being of Italian origin also helps me to feel what the clients are looking for.
50% of my time is spent traveling in each market, which allows me to spend time with the local teams. The key is to find the balance between the “strategic” work that requires a lot of calm, reflection and the “field” work that requires a lot of energy and passion for the brand.

What do the LOUIS XIII brand and its heritage inspire you ?
I have great respect for the philosophy of this brand. The most beautiful moment with a client is to make them realize that they are tasting History, a nectar that has been cherished for several generations and that if we hadn’t waited long enough, we would not have this complexity concentrated in a glass.
LOUIS XIII is unique in its history, in its life course, in its complexity… You have to be in love with LOUIS XIII to describe it in the right words and transmit the passion, to make the person who shares the glass with you feel it.

How did you manage the global pandemic period?
Obviously, the pandemic has accelerated remote work and “virtual” exchanges in front of a screen. As long as we were all globally confronted with this situation, everyone played the game and accepted this “temporary” way of working and exchanging. We took advantage of this moment to reflect and ask ourselves the right questions in order to be ready for better days.

Your journey at rémy cointreau

Why did you join Rémy Cointreau and more particularly the LOUIS XIII brand ?
I am not a “gourmand” person but a “gourmet”! I am very sensitive to the quality of products and LOUIS XIII was an obvious choice. I remained in the gastronomy sector and the network that I was able to develop while being self-employed in the past could be beneficial for the brand.
I have had the chance to evolve during 4 years within the Group and to discover new markets which are totally different from the Swiss market. There is a lot of potential for development and this is certainly what motivates me the most in my work.
I love to work independently and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. These are two things that are valued at Rémy Cointreau. When I have ideas, I can share them and if they are deemed interesting, I can implement them… which is very rewarding.

Why should a candidate apply to Rémy Cointreau and what advice would you give them to succeed?
If a person is passionate, enjoys working independently and has an entrepreneurial spirit, I would advise him or her to apply. The family spirit is very present at Rémy Cointreau, which leads me to believe that the candidate must also share our values.