Louise BolleckerContent Manager



In brief

Working at Rémy Cointreau since: March 2021
Current position: Content Manager
Based in: Paris, France

Meet Louise

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Your job in a few words
I am Corporate Content Manager for the Rémy Cointreau group, since March 2020. I am in charge of building our editorial strategies, to best address our different audiences. I supervise the production of these contents, on both internal and external media. And finally, I am responsible for managing Rémy Cointreau’s social networks.
My goal is to get the right messages to the right people, through the right communication channels, and always emphasizing our values.

What is content creation?
Content is a fairly new and exciting profession, somewhere between communication, journalism and marketing. It mixes almost literary skills, with others, more technical: digital, editorial, or graphic. It must be said that it is always easier, and always more fun, to build content strategies around beautiful stories, beautiful products, and around values that do shine forth. And I must admit, that I have been lucky with Rémy Cointreau,where the history, the craftsmanship, the excellence, and especially the benevolence, are very present on a daily basis.

And the creation of content on a Group scale?
Working at the group level allows to address extremely varied themes. I am of course talking about our brands’ achievements, but also, of our CSR and HR issues, of our actions in our markets, of our business and digital challenges, etc. This allows a great richness in the contents that I produce, as well as a great diversity in my interlocutors, who have different jobs, different expertise, and who work all over the world. It is necessarily enriching.

What do you like about working at Rémy Cointreau?
In the past, I worked in smaller structures, or even in start-ups, and I was pleasantly surprised when joining Rémy Cointreau, to find that the teams here are also on a human scale. We really have a lot of freedom of action. What I also like is that we feel that the group has real transformation objectives, particularly digital. One can feel that things are moving, much to my delight, especially since it is done in full adequacy with the values that we display.