Julien GeorgetHead of Rémy Martin Domains


Why Rémy Martin?
I was born in the region of cognac. I always dreamt that one day, I would be at the head of a great cognac domain. I am therefore very proud today to be able to produce those sublime eaux-de-vie and honor a House such as Rémy Martin.

What is your role on the estate?
Cognac is made from blends of eaux-de-vie but also from know-how. As far as I am concerned, I am rather involved in the early stages, from planting the vines to making the eaux-de-vie, not forgetting the harvest, so that expectations are met at every level of the estate.

And what about your team?
Our vineyard is sensitive and needs our help, so with my teams – about twenty people – we carry out a good number of daily observations and daily interventions to ensure quality production. We follow the best practices possible to make sure that, in the long run, we have eaux-de-vie that can stand the test of time, age and give exceptional products.

A word about protecting the environment?
The Rémy Martin estates account for 224 hectares of vines in the Grande Champagne region alone. Our raison d’être is to be a role model, both in terms of quality and environmental aspects. Our terroirs, however exceptional they may be, also have an exceptional memory. If we don’t respect them, we will never attain the quality we expect. Reducing our environmental footprint is a huge part of our job, a real conviction. Since 2012, we have been among the first six French farms to be recognized as HVE (High Environmental Value).

To conclude?
The winegrowing roots of this House are so dear to me. I witness the eaux-de-vie age and I immediately feel proud. My childhood’s dream has come true. Today, all I have to do is make this dream last as long as possible.