Julien GeorgetManager of Domaines Rémy Martin



Wonderful things are in store for Domaines Rémy Martin ...

Wonderful things are in store for Domaines Rémy Martin.

My journey started in November 2013, when I joined Rémy Martin as a wine-making and oenology consulting engineer in the Cellar Master teams. For three distillation seasons, my daily work involved tastings and consultations with Alliance Fine Champagne partners (which supply Rémy Martin eaux-de-vie). Then, in April 2016, I was named Manager of Domaines Rémy Martin, which encompasses the vineyards and distilleries owned by Rémy Martin.

It’s my job to use to everything at my disposal—from team expertise to innovation—to achieve the best vines and the most beautiful wines and eaux-de-vie possible in compliance with the specific Rémy Martin quality guide.

My biggest challenge is the unpredictable weather!

I’m excited about the wonderful things in store for Domaines Rémy Martin…