Joffrey EtienneBrand Ambassador, Rémy Martin and Mount Gay



Wonder what a Brand Ambassador does? Events, tastings, trainings and forming on-the-field relationships to winning new clients and visibility. Read from Joffrey Etienne, Brand Ambassador for Rémy Martin and Mount Gay in France.

What is a day in the life like for you?
Waking up with a smile, a love for what I do, and sharing my passion for cognac and rum with people who are important to me.

The most challenging part of your job?
To travel a lot and really often (between 1 to 3 times per month). Even if I am passionate about my role and the brands, it can be really hard sometimes. There is also a complicated perception of cognac among French consumers—and occasionally dealing with personalities that are not compatible with mine. It is necessary to have strong social skills and lots of empathy to do this type of role.

The most fun?
To speak, teach and share about products that you love through trainings, master classes, tastings, events… and also communicating about them on social networks. I find it very satisfactory when I’m convinced that I enriched people’s lives and enhanced their knowledge about how great cognac and rum are (especially in France). What is really thrilling in this job is also that you can access wonderful places, such as five-star hotels and palaces, which is sometimes not possible in real life.

Work background?
After several years in electronics, I decided to start my career in the wine and spirits industry. Before Rémy Cointreau I worked for “Distillerie Merlet & Fils” near Cognac. This experience enhanced my knowledge about cognac and enabled me to develop my passion for this spirit.

Did you always want to be a brand ambassador?
Not really, I was only expecting to have a job in cognac highly focused on human and customer relationships.

Your motto?
Live your life as you want to live it by staying true to yourself. Do not let other people change or influence you in a negative way.

Your favorite cocktail and why?
Vieux Carré: the ideal cocktail! Because I really love classic cocktails, and it is made with cognac! Even better when made with Rémy Martin 😉

Best professional memories?
La Nuit de l’Amateur de Cigare: an extraordinary event mixing two of my passions: cognac & cigars.
-My first trip to Barbados to visit Mount Gay and meet Allen Smith.

How many nights a week are you out? What hours?
With our new brand strategies, now I’m not really out in bars late that often —just occasionally during special events, for example.

Why Rémy Cointreau? 
I chose Rémy Cointreau because of its luxury brand portfolio and the way they are treating their employees.

Please drink responsibly.
Since this interview, Joffrey has been appointed as Brand Ambassador for our prestige brand portfolio, for the French market.