Hervé BuzonGlobal Brand Director, St-Rémy



“A true gourmand” with an affinity for fine food and beverage, Hervé Buzon fuses his passion and experience in travel retail and domestic marketing into rebranding the world’s No. 1 French brandy: St-Rémy.


What were you looking for at the beginning of your career?

I worked with cheese and charcuterie, so I was attracted to an alimentary world (things we eat), as well as what is fresh and creativity. I’m a true gourmand.


Why spirits?

I discovered spirits working with a former partner of the Rémy Cointreau Group, working with a portfolio of 20-some spirits brands, and fell in love with the category. There’s lots of richness within, as it crosses pleasure and celebration in the on-trade and the off-trade.


Challenge in relaunching a brand like St-Rémy?

St-Rémy was already a beautiful brand. If you wish to evolve a brand’s image, you have to think about long-term strategies: positioning, publicity campaigns, but most importantly, authentic messaging. In a way, a Brand Director is like a Cellar Master: It’s about continuity.


Speaking of continuity, the revival of St-Rémy’s “walking lion”?

Since the creation of the brand, the lion was present on the packaging. It disappeared, so we brought back this very important symbol that expresses the brand’s characteristics. St-Rémy is about comfort, well-being, confidence, a sense of protection … It’s a beautiful incarnation of the brand values.


What’s next for St-Rémy?

Communicating that St-Rémy is extremely mixable. St-Rémy can replace a bourbon, a rum, a cognac: We can do a lot with St-Rémy. Otherwise, storytelling with Cécile Roudaut, our Cellar Master.


Digital evolutions?

A recently launched website, and we will revitalize our presence on Instagram, Facebook, etc.


New campaign?

“What good friends are made of,” which shows how St-Rémy carries the qualities we look for in close friends: loyalty, honesty, the fact that they are always there, warm, that we feel good with them, etc. Like a good friend, St-Rémy is “part of the family.”


Goal for St-Rémy?

To become the International Gold Standard for French brandy and to have greater representation in France.


Favorite way to drink St-Rémy?

In a Sidecar, one of my favorite cocktails. I also love a St-Rémy Apple & Ginger. It’s extremely fresh for summer picnics.


What distinguishes Rémy Cointreau? 

Our accordance with our terroirs. There is a real sense of terroir and quality in everything that we do.


Please drink responsibly.